Regardless of what we are called, we all feel the same amazing love when we become a grandparent. It’s a feeling you can’t quite describe…isn’t that what you ALWAYS hear??? Well, it is true! Maybe it is just that you have slowed down a bit and have learned to enjoy the intricate details of watching a baby grow. Don’t get me wrong, being a mom is amazing too! I was blessed to be a SAHM (stay at home mom), which is what I wanted more than anything, and I will ALWAYS cherish those special days.

Something I didn’t quite think about though until we actually entered the grandparent stage, is how much I would enjoy watching my husband of 30 years, the father of our three children, become an amazing Pappy. Once again, there are so many fun names for this role as well, but he chose his name…and it is perfect! He is the best Pappy! I truly feel so much love just watching him play with our grandchildren, laugh with them, and reach out to them with pure love if they are hurt or upset. It has melted my heart all over again.

We enjoy family time as much as we can get it. At this point in my life, there is nothing better than spending time with our family.

Wherever you are in the grandparent stage of life, I hope you can still gather some good “stuff” from this blog…whether it’s a fun craft, game, book, recipe, or just making a connection. This will help us all share the special moment in life called Grandparenting!