Let me introduce myself…I actually go by 3 different names: I started out as SHELLY….became MOM….and now everyone refers to me as MIMI. Mimi is “mom” and “grandma” all rolled into one!

I have a bucket list…and the #1 item on that list is to become a published author.  Since I was a young girl, I have loved books.  One of my favorite outings was when my mom would take me to the library.  She didn’t drive, so when this event was added to our calendar, I was elated!  As I grew and started my own family, going to the library was a must with my children.

After graduating college, I entered into the business world.  I have held several different positions, from teacher to office manager, and I have loved every opportunity I have had.  I truly enjoy learning!   Once my husband and I started our family, it was very important to me to be a hands on mom.  Doing this wasn’t the best financial decision, but I have never looked back.  I found small side jobs along the way to supplement our family income.

I am a huge believer that if you want something bad enough then you have to dig in and go after it 100%.  Which brings me to my current journey.  I am now in my 50’s and still very much a family gal.  My dream has changed just a bit in that my biggest goal is to have my children and grandchildren close enough that we can have family gatherings often.  Nothing makes me happier than our family being together.

So about that bucket list….I still want to be an author…now I’m writing children’s books.  I hope to be published so that I can sit and read those books to my wonderful and oh so cute grandchildren.  I have also discovered the amazing world of blogging.  My mind is overwhelmed with all there is to learn…and I am digging in 100%!

Come join me on this amazing journey…let’s share ideas on how to be the best we can be!


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