Give me a show of hands for those who LOVE spending time with their daughter(s)!  🙋‍♀️  Whether we are sitting with a cup of warm coffee or a glass of chilled wine, my heart soars every time I get time with my girls to just chat.  However, we also go on a lot of fun escapades as well.  We are continuously looking for new adventures.  This led me to create a mother-daughter bucket list.

Now, I must admit that I am the boring one of the group as I don’t particularly care to travel far.  I wish I did, but it just gives me anxiety.  While I am being so open, I will tell you that most of my anxiety comes from packing a suitcase.  Yes, I am that silly!  Luckily, I have amazing daughters that realize this and are just fine with more locally based activities…or ones that are within driving distance.

Bucket List ~

Most people are aware that a bucket list is a list of things you wish to do or accomplish during their lifetime.   I would venture to guess that it became more popular after the wonderful movie The Bucket List.  You have seen this great movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, right?   Of course, in the movie both characters were terminally ill and went on very big adventures before passing.

When you research, you see so many extravagant titles such as 50 Amazing things to do before you die, or 100 Unique bucket list ideas that will change your life.  Those tend to be the ones I read first…and you probably do too.  They are filled with great ideas…some that I have truly never heard of but am still fascinated by.  However, my bucket list isn’t quite that extravagant.

Fun Activities Close to Home ~

  1. Haunted Indianapolis Ghost Walk ~ Those of you who know me are not surprised that this is on the top of my list.  Of course, my daughters share the love of everything scary as well!  Going on a chilly October evening to hear of local haunts while also catching up on local history sounds fabulous!  I would love to hear your reviews if you have done this.  If you have not yet, check it out here … Check out the Haunted Indianapolis Ghost Walk here!
  2. Walk the Entire Monon Trail ~ We have walked portions of it, but have never in its entirety.  It has been improved upon over the years with so many fun stops along the way.  Exercising, Dining and Shopping….sign me up!
  3. Drive on Gravity Hill ~ Another fun thing to do with my girls in Mooresville, Indiana.  Rumor has it that if you put your car in neutral at the “bottom” of the hill, the hill will start to pull it up – in the wrong direction.  Have you heard of it?
  4. Wine & Canvas ~ Surprisingly, we have not yet done this…but we will!  There are so many different options out there now and they all look great.  Does anyone have a favorite they want to recommend?
  5. Go to a Drive-In Movie ~ This was one of my favorite memories as a child and I would love to share the experience with my children and grandchildren!
  6. Go on a Wine Tour ~ Need I say more about this…doesn’t everyone love wine tours?
  7. Ride on a Brew Bus ~ My kids have done this, but I haven’t gotten to experience it yet!
  8. Newfields Winter Lights ~ The pictures I see look amazing and I can’t wait to experience it with my family.
  9. See the Mind Tripping Show ~ A comedy with a psychological twist!
  10. Weekend at Brown County AND Story Inn ~ Hiking, shopping and an overnight in the legendary Blue Room at Story Inn…😨👻
  11. Murder Mystery Dinner ~ We have participated in a murder mystery dinner at a restaurant and it was fun but not quite what I was expecting.  Since then I have always said I would host one at home.  I have looked at many over the last couple of years and have finally decided on this Mardi Gras Mystery.  I think it will be fun to dress up and play this one out.  You can check it out here ➡Murder at Mardi Gras – Host Your Own Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Fun Activities With a Light Drive ~

  1. Salem, Massachcusetts ~ Ok, Ok….so this one will need a flight instead of a drive…the girls and I want to go here so bad that I will give in and fly for this one!  We are going to need several days to explore all of the “witchy” areas!
  2. Indiana Dunes ~ a fun weekend of hiking, biking, dining and exploring will be in store for this fun trip!
  3. Midwest Antiquing ~ There are several fun day/weekend trip plans available to hit all of the local antique shops.
  4. Run, Scream, Run ~   We love 5K’s but so far we have only done local runs.  A 5K/10K run in Michigan with yes, you guessed it, some scary fun added in!

As you see, the non-local mother-daughter bucket list is smaller, but hey, I am  very open to suggestions.  Basically, I just want to do more fun things with the family.  Many times these events are done more with the girls because we have a hard time pulling the guys away from their sports.  Of course, finding activities with the grandkids is just an extra bonus.

Over the last several years, the girls and I have done many fun things together…at home and away from home.   The times we don’t feel like getting out we still enjoy family game nights, cooking together, and watching movies or binge watching the latest drama series, working on puzzles and walking.  So, as stated earlier, the bucket list doesn’t always have to be extravagant.  I just feel very blessed to get every moment I do with these two beautiful girls that I am lucky enough to call my daughters…and my best friends!


Do you have a mother-daughter bucket list?  Let me know what is on yours!

Hope to hear from you soon…..with love, Shelly (Mimi)