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Pirate Scavenger Hunt

Looking for a fun activity to do with your children?  This one takes a little planning, but is well worth the time spent.  Of course, there are many variations to creating a scavenger hunt, but dressing the kids up as pirates and making some props in advance is definitely the ultimate pirate scavenger hunt that your young children will love!

Preparations for the Pirate Scavenger Hunt~

Ok, my daughter loves a good dress up activity, so she went above and beyond for the outfits. (they are pretty cute, huh?)  Let your imagination flow with getting their pirate clothing together.  The bandanas are a must of course!  You may have some stuff to pull from a dress up box or put some clothing items together from everyone’s closet.  If things are too big, belt it up!  If you put your imagination to work you will be surprised with what you come up with.

Then get to work on your pirate map.  This one was made from an envelope.  You can also use colored paper or even a piece of cardboard.  (I know you all have more boxes than normal right now due to online shopping….right?)   Use stickers or cut out images from online to create your map.

You will also need treasure boxes.  You can purchase these online or at your local craft store.  The treasure box can be painted or left natural.  Then decorate with stamps, paint, and/or markers.  This would be a fun activity for the kids to decorate, but to create the full scavenger hunt experience you will want to have the box prepared ahead.

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Next, fill those boxes with gold coins, candy and small treasures.  (pictures of finished version later in post)  The sky is the limit here but think “pirate” when deciding what to put in the box.  I’ve added some fun ideas below:

Add Some Extra Pirating Fun ~

This super cute wagon cover can be used over and over.  Who knows, you might even find your child wants to be a pirate on Halloween and you will already have a head start!  Your little pirate can carry his loot around in his/her own ship!  Use the link below to check it out!

How cute is this black flag pirate ship wagon cover?!

Craft Time ~

While you need to have some things prepared ahead, don’t fret because there are also fun activities for the kids to be a part of.  Put the kids to work making their props for the pirate scavenger hunt before setting out on their adventure.  Every good pirate needs a hook and a parrot!

Pirate Hooks~

Make pirate hooks with plastic cups, foil and pipe cleaners.  Poke hole in the bottom of the cups.  Help the children cover the pipe cleaner in foil.  Insert the pipe cleaner from bottom of cup up through the top.  Bend it in the shape of the hook.  Voila, you have a pirate hook!

Pirate’s Pet Parrot~

Now let’s get to work on the pirate parrot.  Remember, there are no specific rules here for how the bird “has” to look.  Let the kids use their imagination and own color ideas.  Yes, in the books, a pirate always has a parrot.  However, if your child wants a cardinal, blue jay, or robin, let them have fun!  The list of items needed are included in this pin.  Follow these directions for your pirate parrot!


Pirate Eye Patch~

Every pirate also needs a good eye patch.  You can order them ahead of time or make your own.  Of course, you can be as basic or as elaborate as you want with this as well.  Simple Pirate Patch Directions Here


With their map, eye patches, hook hands and pet parrots, they are ready for a fun adventure!  This is indeed a full day of crafting and outdoor (or indoor) play that the kids will LOVE!

Addi and Max are younger and not yet reading at the time of this hunt, so their mommy had them look at their map while she vocally directed them around trees, over logs, under swings, etc. to search for their treasures.  You can make this as long or as short as you desire.  However, as you know, when kids know there is a special treat at the end, it’s not easy holding them off for too long.

What a fun and active day!  Imagination and role playing are so important for children.  The benefits such as developing communication skills, developing social skills, learning to express themselves, and sparking crativity are just a few.  I am sure that when Addi and Max get older, they will look back at adventures such as this with wonderful memories!  Happy hunting!


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