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Celebrate Valentine’s Day…All Year Long!

The holiday of love….a sentiment we all need much more of in our lives!  A day we go out of our way to let our loved ones know how special they are.   It doesn’t have to be monumental acts, just small intentional acts of love shown more often throughout the year.  So if it all makes us feel so good, why shouldn’t we focus on these activities more often.  Why not celebrate Valentine’s Day…all year long!

I follow a great blog, Messy Joyful Journey, and her recent post had several amazing ideas that I want to share with you as well.  (Check out Messy Joyful Journey blog here…you will love it!).

Love Note Journals ~

Oh…my…gosh!  I absolutely love this idea!  Journaling of any type is always a good thing.  In fact, I wrote earlier about Memory Journals.  Do you remember that post?  Read more about Memory Journals by clicking here!  These are journals you write to to your kids over the years.

A Love note journal is shared with your spouse or partner.  It is the writing back and forth between the two of you over the years.  You are going to love this love note journal post by Messy Joyful Journey…check it out here!  How wonderful to have a beautiful journal filled with special messages to pick up and read any time you need an extra dose of love!

Cook Together ~

Do you both love to cook?  Then why not plan more nights of cooking together?  It can be as simple or as complicated as you want, just do it together.  There are some fun cookbooks out there like this one ➡➡➡Get your own copy of Date Night Dinners right here!!!

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If you don’t like to cook, then order in but create a fun setting with candles and eat in the living room!  Or order several items and do a taste test, while blindfolded!!!  (My hubby would be a nervous wreck over the blindfold….but he would still join in!)

Pottery Adventures ~

We ALL LOVE that scene from Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore, am I right?  (Please don’t tell me you have never seen it!!!)  So, why, if we all LOVE it have we not planned a pottery night with our loved one?  It may not be quite as romantic as that scene in the movie, but it will still be something fun and different.  Then you can head home and watch the movie together!

Dance Together ~

I’m not talking about the typical type of dancing you may already do together.  Learn a new type of dance…take classes together.  Sorry, but I have to reference another movie.  Have you watched Shall We Dance with Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez, and Susan Sarandon?    In fact, there are numerous movies out there where couples learn different style of dancing…and it’s just romantic!

Speaking of dancing…when is the last time that the two of you danced in the rain????

Adventure Challenger – Couples Edition ~

Another fantastic idea shared by Carrie from Messy Joyful Journey.  You need to add some new and different excitement to your life?  Then look no further…well maybe click one more time right here➡➡➡More fun from Messy Joyful Journey…click here and scroll down a bit to read more about the Adventure Challenge!  A book full of mystery date adventures….need I say more?

Picnic Anyone? ~

Rain or shine…pack up a picnic basket, spread out that blanket and share some good food and wine!  Setting the scene is important.  Otherwise, it’s just another day!  In fact, this is a fun idea that you should definitely do more than once a year!  Put together a basket you already have or go all out on a romantic fancy one with all the fixins’!  If it is raining or snowing…just do it inside!

The Perfect Picnic Basket for Two is right here!!!

Camp Together ~

Don’t get too crazy on me until you have read the whole section here!  Maybe you don’t have much (or any) camping gear.  If that is the case, then camp in your backyard.  This allows easy access to things you need!  Once again, these ideas are not supposed to break the bank.  The whole intention is to step out of your comfort zone and add some variety to your life with your mate!

You will need a tent, but you can truly get one very inexpensive.  Who knows?  You may love it and find yourselves planning more camping dates!

Tent for 2 – Easy Setup – Get yours here!!!

Maybe you have some great ideas to add?!?!  Please share them in the comments below…I would love to add them to this post!  Let’s face it, 2021 is a year we will ALWAYS remember…the year we have all decided has GOT to be better than last!  As each year rolls by just remember to find ways to make it memorable and special!  So spread the love and celebrate Valentine’s Day…ALL YEAR LONG!

Update to Celebrating Valentine’s Day All Year Long ~

It is now the beginning of 2023.  Did you find some great ways to make last year special with your loved one?  Over the past year I have come across some other fun ideas!

*Partner Bucket List ~ Use this wonderful book, Our Bucket List Adventures:  A Journal for Couples  to

  1. gather bucket list ideas
  2. organize the choices you have made
  3. journal about your experience
  4. post photos for the great memories

*Learn a New Skill Together ~ it’s amazing how much fun and laughter you can bring to the occasion when you are both experiencing something new for the first time.  Try origami, go axe throwing, take a dance class, go to an Escape Room, go roller skating, have a virtual date, take a couples quiz together, play laser tag, go to yoga, have a dance off!

*Make a Time Capsule ~ take some time to go through old scrapbooks, jewelry boxes, drawers…anywhere you may have stashed old memorabilia.  Make a special container together and put all the items in there to look at on a special anniversary or other date!

Nothing is too silly or crazy to make good memories!  Don’t let time pass you by without trying some of these special dates/activities with your spouse!  Don’t forget why you fell in love in the first place…you can do this by celebrating Valentine’s Day all year long!

Make those memories my friends ~




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  1. Susan

    I’m loving these original and unique ideas for Valentines and everyday! What a fun post!

  2. Kelly

    These are awesome ideas! I love doing things off your partner’s bucket list. That would be such a sweet idea. Now I need to get my husband to make a bucket list!

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