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Purr-fect Cat Birthday Party

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Birthday party themes are a big deal in our family.  As each year rolls around, there always seems to be a new favorite animal, superhero or fantasy figure that creeps into our world.  It is only fitting that this new love, whatever it may be, becomes the theme for that year’s celebration.  This year, Addi chose to have a purr-fect cat birthday party!

Party Dress ~

Of course, it wouldn’t be a purr-fect birthday party without a purr-fect dress!  Am I right?  Lauren ordered this adorable set from Etsy.  It was the perfect party outfit from hairbow to skirt!   She was so excited to wear it for her party…check out everything Sweet Sophia Designs has to offer below:

Sweet Sophia Designs has such adorable birthday sets! Check them out with this link!

Pre-Party Planning ~

There was quite a bit of planning ahead for this fun event.  We enjoy crafting so the time spent for these preparations was a lot of fun.  It started with collecting family cat pictures.  Lauren wanted the party to be personalized with all of the cats in Addi’s life…what a fun idea!

Cat Banner ~

Once pictures were decided upon, they were pulled up in Canva to be sized and printed.  Canva is so good for this as you can also “flip” the photo so that your front and back match up perfectly, thus making your banner viewable from both sides.  *If you are putting this against a wall, however, you will only need to print one side of each image.

The cat faces (and Addi with her kitten) were printed in black and white and then adorned with party hats from the color scheme Lauren and Addi chose.  This is where having lots of random items and paper scraps comes in handy.  We used various items to decorate the hats.  There is no rule here…let your creativity flow!

They were then strung on twine to create a banner.

Pet Adoption Certificates ~

Cat adoption certificates were also made with Canva.  Everything we made was created with the free options.  If you have not yet tried Canva, you need to!  It is such an amazing online software program.  They, of course, have even more options if you choose to pay for it, but seriously, you can do SO much with the free version!

Pet Adoption Houses ~

Pet adoption houses were made from goodie boxes purchased from Amazon.  Lauren chose the ones highlighted below and then cut a circle out for each pet to be placed in the box.   She then added other goodies in the box and topped it off with tissue paper.  What a perfect combination of craft and goody box wrapped into one!

You want to be sure that the dimensions of the box are big enough for the size of kitties you purchase.  I know this sounds silly to even mention, but how many times have you gotten caught (and frustrated) when sizes are different than what you assumed?!?

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Pet adoption houses were made from goodie boxes from Amazon…check them out here!

Gummy Mice ~

These were one of the cutest and most talked about goodies included in the box.  What cat does not like mice…and what child does not love gummy candies?   Of course, Lauren searched and found the perfect gummy mice!

Get your own yummy (and slightly creeping looking) gummy mice here!

Canva once again came into play as we put several mice in little zipped baggies (also purchased on Amazon) and then created the fun label topper to staple to the top.  These were small enough that we could fit 6 labels to a page and then cut out and fold over each bag.

Adopt A Kitten Backdrop & Craft Table ~

The Adopt A Kitten Banner was made from scrapbook paper.   Stencils were used to create the letters in various color schemes of paper.  They were cut out and then glued to black scrapbook paper.  We then cut the black stencil a little larger to create a border.  This created a sturdy banner that also had a bit of dimension to stand out more.

A real cat scratch post was used to display the houses.  With this she was able to create height and make more room for the children to design their own adoption boxes.  A lazy susan sits in the center of the table with colored pencils, markers and stickers for the kids to craft with.   Yarn balls were made by wrapping different colors of yarn around decorative balls, styrofoam balls and ping pong balls.  (The ones made from ping pong balls were included in the cat boxes as a kitten toy.)

Cat Photograph Collage and Balloon Form ~

If you are like our family, you have an abundance of fur baby photos.  These were put to use for the party to create a cat photo collage banner.  The photos were strung up by the birthday presents.  The awesome 4′ mosaic number form helped to create a purr-fect backdrop for photos taken while opening presents.

Order your own mosaic number and letter forms right here!

Birthday Cake & Cookies ~

The amazinging purr-fect cake and cookies were ordered from Becky’s Cakes N Caboodles.  She is a true artist at work!  Whether you want the latest popular theme or something more personalized, she delivers!  Lauren sent her pictures of all of our cats and she got to work on these gorgeous cookies!

From different cat faces to colorful yarn balls, they were almost too pretty to eat!  But don’t believe for one minute that they didn’t get devoured!  Click here to see more of her amazing creations!!!

Cat-Themed Party Food ~

It is so much fun to get creative with food, and this party was no different.  From cheese mice on crackers to cat faced taco rings, there was something “catlike” everywhere you looked!

Cheese Mice on Crackers ~

Cut your favorite block of cheese into small triangles.  Make ears on the mouse face by cutting a slit on each side of the cheese and placing mini pepperonis in the cuts.  Place on a Ritz cracker.

Seven Layer Dip in Cat Cup ~

We drew cat faces on each cup with permanent markers.  Do this with plenty of time for it to dry so you don’t smudge when you put the dip in.   Layer the seven layers of dip in each cup.  Top with tortilla chips (We used strips as they fit in nicely).

  1. 2 cans bean dip
  2. Guacamole
  3. Mix 1 cup sour cream, 1/2 cup real mayonnaise & 1 package taco seasoning
  4. 2 cans chopped, pitted black olives
  5. 2 cups chopped onions
  6. 2 cups shredded cheese
“Cat” Taco Ring ~

We did the traditional taco ring, however, we added extra crescent dough for the ears and nose.  Once it was done cooking, we added chives for the whiskers and cherry tomatoes for the eyes.

Adult Side of the Party ~

Want to add a little wine for the adults…look at this fun new wine chiller.  Lauren made tiny yarn balls and froze them in the ice form….so pretty and festive!  I can only imagine all the fun that will be had with this Wine Chiller mold….the ideas are running crazy already…get yours here!

Suffice it to say, this party was an absolute hit.  Kids and adults alike had so much fun that the fun continued on for hours.  Be sure to share pictures in the comments below of your Purr-fect Cat Birthday Party!



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  1. Meg Flint

    I love everything about this! So cute! We did the stuffed animal adoption thing for my daughter’s birthday party one year, and kids really do love it. Pinning this for later!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thank you so much Meg! Yes, the stuffed animal adoption is something they all seem to enjoy! Thanks for reading my birthday post!

  2. Magdalene wangechi

    I must say, this was such a lovely read. Love the creepy little gummy mice!! Lol

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thank you so much Magdalene….I am so glad you enjoyed it! Lol….I love the creepy little gummy mice too!

  3. Lisa Marie

    Omg…. First off Happy birthday Addi! I love the idea and the party from the decorations to the food and everything in between!!!

    I absolutely love Canva it is awesome for so many things as you have shared on your blog post. I love it so much, I have Canva Pro!

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Addi’s party… It was indeed Purrr-fect!!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thank you so much Lisa! It truly was a very fun birthday party theme! YES! I love Canva too…it is truly amazing what all you can create on there! Thanks for reading!

  4. Leigh

    OMG she had to LOVE this party! How amazing of a job you did. We did adopt a pet certificates recently too and it was a huge hit. That is a great idea for your readers! l

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