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Flat Skelly Skeleton

*This post has been updated 10/25/23 with lots of Halloween ideas to share with the kiddos in your life….be the fun Grandparent, Parent, Aunt, Uncle, Friend….etc…….it’s easy and creates amazing memories!

Halloween shenanigans are in full swing…decorating the house, planning trick or treat costumes, fun at pumpkin patches, carving jack-o-lanterns, spooky crafts, fun snacks and more!  As a grandparent, I love to be as much a part of all this as possible, but realize it is not feasible to do so.  Flat Skelly Skeleton is here to help out with just that!

The Flat Stanley Project is an awesome project that our children were able to take part in back when they were in elementary school.  Have you been lucky enough to be a part of it as well?   The teacher provided a template of “Flat Stanley” for the kids to color.  The kids then mail him to various friends, family members or anyone of interest.  The recipient takes Stanley along with them for a day, taking pictures and writing about his visit.  Once done, they mail him back along with the pictures and journal notes.  It is a great literacy program that also teaches geography in a very fun way.

Flat Skelly Skeleton ~

Flat Skelly is similar to Flat Stanley.  This is a fun way for grandparents (or any friend or family member) to be a part of Halloween activities…even if they are not physically present.  I have made it super easy for you to print out the fun Flat Skelly Skeleton poem along with the Jointed Skeleton template. Then all you have to do is mail them to your favorite little ghoul(s).  They will be so excited to share all of their Halloween fun with you!

Flat Skelly Skeleton Poem ~

Click here for free download of Flat Skelly Poem

Jointed Skeleton Directions~

Click here for FREE printout of Flat Skelly Skeleton


I found this free skeleton printout by Preschoolactivities.us.  You can use the link next to the picture above to print out or go to their website with the skeleton coloring page Preschoolactivities.us skeleton coloring page.  There are also other free options on Pinterest if you wish to use a different image.  Print these on copy paper or card stock.

You have options regarding how you wish to mail these to the little ones.  You can leave the skeleton template in tact so that they can cut out the pieces or you can pre-cut and put the pieces, along with the brads, in an envelope.  The option you choose will depend mostly upon the age of the child you are sending to and whether they are skilled with scissors yet.

Whoever ends up cutting and putting the skeleton together will need these instructions ~

  1. Cut out each skeleton part
  2. Let your child color and decorate, if desired
  3. Insert small brads at each joint to make Skelly movable (see below for more information on brads)
  4. Tape a popsicle stick or cookie stick to back of the skeleton

*Types of small brads to try ~

Brads are two pronged paper fastners that usually have some type of decorative top.  There are different sizes, so pay attention to the details.  The mini-sized ones may be the best option for Flat Skelly since he is a bit smaller printout.  Below are some fun varieties:

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Mini-sized, multi-color brads

Assorted colors of brads ~

Halloween brads ~


Once you introduce your children to the world of “brads” in crafting, the possibilities are endless.  They are such a versatile and inexpensive item to add to your craft baskets.  I even use them for scrapbooking!

There have been numerous spin offs of the original Flat Stanly that are so much fun to explore.  This project is a little different in that the child is receiving Flat Skelly instead of sending him to others.  They then have the responsibility to make sure pictures get taken and if of writing age, journaling about their fun experiences throughout the month of October.

You can take it a step further and get them a little “Flat Skelly Skeleton” journal to use for their journaling.  Here are some fun ideas:

Fun Vintage Style Skeleton Notebook

Dancing Skeleton Journal with blank pages

Wide Ruled Skeleton Journal

Sending Flat Skelly As A Package ~

If you live far away or like to send snail mail to the recepient of this awesome Halloween activity, here is what you will need to remember:

  • Skelly Skeleton Poem
  • Jointed Skelly Skeleton (or cut out pieces and put in envelop if sending to smaller children)
  • 8 brads
  • Popsicle or cake pop stick

Send it in a festive envelope.  I used a large manila envelope so there would be no fold creases.  Use stickers or color fun Halloween images on the outside.  What child would not be excited to receive this special delivery?

It’s no secret how much my family loves Halloween.  Even if you don’t love spooky things, you can enjoy Halloween with your kids.  To me, it is not just about the 31st….it’s a whole month of family fun!.  Whether it is as simple as coloring with your kids, crafting or making festive foods, you will create memories to last a lifetime.

Other Halloween Festivities to Check Out ~

Last year I shared some Halloween ideas:

Fun food ideas for Halloween!  Lots of fun ideas…including the infamous Feet Loaf!!!

Halloween Gingerbread Houses!  Buy a kit or make your own….it’s great fun either way!

You’ve Been Booed!!! 👻  This is an annual MUST in every neighborhood!

The month of October just really flies by way too quickly!  Don’t let these festive opportunities get away from you!  You may just find that you have more fun than your kids do!  Be sure to follow me if you aren’t already by entering your email…I promise you I won’t overfill your inbox….only good things coming and at good intervals!

Updated Skelly Ideas ~

Since I wrote this first post on Skelly, we have had a couple of years of more skeleton fun with the kiddos.  Last year, I wrote a post filled with some new ideas….check it out here ➡️➡️Flat Skelly Skeleton is BACK!  Included in it are some fun games and FREE printouts for you to use with your kiddos!

This year we have carried on the tradition.  We always start out at the beginning of October with Skelly happily announcing he is back!

I found these cute little felt skeletons, skeleton boxes and skeleton garland at the Dollar Store.  A perfect way to start the month out with EVERYTHING SKELLY!

The kiddos truly start talking around mid-September about Skelly.  I wonder when he will be back this year.  What crazy things will he be doing?  I love to hear the excitement in their voices as they discuss our little skelton friend!  Below are some of the fun we have shared with links to free printouts so you can share some of the fun with your little kids/grandkids/niece/nephew, etc.

Pumpkin Dig Kit ~

Let’s Do Some Digging Printout!

Have you done any of the “dig kits?”  There are so many out there and my grandkids have tons of fun with them!  Needless to say, I was so excited when I found a Halloween version of one!  So a mailbox sign was created hinting at the fun they were going to find inside.  A pumpkin dig kit!!!   You guys….this was SO MUCH FUN!  The kids loved it!  The link for it is below:

More Halloween Jokes~

We shared some Halloween jokes….all skeleton related, of course!  Below you can see what they are and there is also a link to print out your own to share!

The free link is here ➡️➡️  Skelly Skeleton Jokes

And of course…..the answers!

If you don’t know the answers….click here to find out! (Psst…free printout to share with the kiddos!)

Skeleton Head Painting~

We introduced Jack the Pumpkin.  Jack was quite jealous that he wasn’t getting to have any fun so he entered the scene on Friday the 13th.  He brought along many craft supplies (glue, beads, paint, wooden letters,  for the kids to paint their own styrofoam skeleton heads.  These were purchased at the Dollar Store.

Hi I’m Jack printout!

More Skellys With Halloween Treats ~

Just Thinking About You Printout

Sticker Books With Skelly’s Friends ~

Skelly Skeleton’s Monster Friends Printout

This is a great way to have fun with your grandkids whether you live close or far away.  It is a low cost project as I got most of my stuff at the Dollar Store.  Be creative….be simple…..just be fun!

Happy Haunting to all of you!



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