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Ninja Themed Birthday Party

Birthdays deserve to be a BIG celebration. Deciding on the theme is the starting point to planning the perfect party for your special kiddo!  Max always chooses a theme that makes DIY creating a lot of fun….this year was no exception.  He LOVES karate so a Ninja Themed Birthday Party won for birthday #5 for our little man.  Once the idea was settled upon, his mama’s  creative gears started turning.   After a few sleepless nights (because she CANNOT turn that brain off when she is planning) Neon Ninja came to life!

From the birthday cake…to the fun activities…to the party favors…to the food….every part of the ninja party was planned in detail!  Our family is rather large, so many of these details are planned with both the kiddos AND the adults attending in  mind.  I must take this time to say that Lauren’s parties always have a large turnout because they are always so much fun!

The Cake ~

Lauren orders all of her cakes and cookies from Becky’s Cakes n’ Caboodles.  She sends all of her crazy ideas and Becky ALWAYS rises to the occasion.

Food & Snacks ~

Max requested chicken nuggets and french fries as his main dish.  I know, I know….not very ninja-like, right?  So….Chinese takeout boxes and chopsticks were ordered and the nuggets and fries were cleverly “camouflaged” as part of the ninja food!  Seriously, how clever is that???

The sauces were laid out to look like various Chinese dipping sauces…however, they were BBQ, honey mustard, and buffalo for the chicken nuggets!  Basically, you can take any of your child’s favorite foods and still match the theme of the party!

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Big sister, Addi, created cupcakes with licorice rope belts…

Cheese cubes with ninja swords were easily converted into a fun snack…

Wontons were fried into chips for dipping into a yummy crab dip…

Scrumptious Meatballs and buffalo chicken dip were served up as well!  Suffice it to say, there was plenty of food to go around for both the kids and the adults!

The Party Room ~

Have you been wondering where the neon comes in????   Well, here we gooo…..

They happen to have a room under construction, which was perfect for converting to a party room.  Now, I realize that this won’t always be the case for anyone wanting to host a ninja themed birthday party, but these ideas can be worked into many different rooms.  You must first buy blacklights and MANY rolls of neon tape.  (I apologize in advance that the quality of this picture is not great, but you will get a general idea of the basic layout)

The tape was used to write out Max’s name and birth year of celebration!  Max LOVED seeing his name in such big letters!    Tape was also made into various little decorations on the floor and walls for extra glow effect.  Lights were strung around the walls and placed on the floor.  Glowsticks were hung from the Christmas tree!  Look closely, and you will see a ninja punching/kicking bag in the back left corner.

Kids were told to wear white so they would glow!  White shirts were provided in case they forgot, but more about that later!  The birthday boy had a special karate outfit with his name and birthday number adhered to the back in white.

Once it all came together, it was the perfect party place and backdrop for picture taking!

Craft & “Goody Bag” Table ~

A table was laid out with headbands made in advance with each child’s name.  Children love anything personalized with their own name so this was an immediate success.  In fact, the adults were a tad jealous that they didn’t get one too!  A white t-shirt was placed with their headband for their own artwork to be done when it was time for the craft.  Glowsticks and foam ninja throwing stars were scattered around the table.

Neon fabric markers were placed on the table for the kids to create their own fun t-shirt that would glow in the dark.  Using markers instead of paint makes it perfect for quick drying so the kids can wear their artwork right away.  The headbands and t-shirts also doubled as their goody bag items to take home with them.  So much fun to have a gift that lasts longer than just the night of the party!

Entertainment ~

Max’s karate instructor was invited to the party.  She brought along the boards for kids to attempt to cut in half by doing the “karate chop” or kick of their choice.  She left plenty of boards for others to try at their whim.

Max loved being the first one to demonstrate his talents!  The smile that came from his face after he broke his first board was absolutely priceless!  This was a HUGE hit with the kids AND the adults that lasted throughout the night.  Even the great grandparents got in on the action.  It brought a lot of laughs and fun to the party!

It’s not easy to plan a party that is completely enjoyed by all ages, but Lauren arose to the challenge…and succeeded!  Let me just say that her parties tend to go over the 1 1/2 – 2 hour mark….they are just that much fun!

This is a fun party theme whether your child takes karate classes or not.  There are so many popular movies and kid shows on tv that fascinate kids and make them want to be a ninja.  Boys and girls alike are sure to enjoy this neon ninja themed birthday party!

For other funtastic birthday themes check out Max’s Photoriffic Birthday Party where the whole party was centered around pictures of Max…a true MAX birthday or Addi’s Purr-fect Cat Birthday Party filled with all kinds of kitty fun!

Happy party planning to you ~








This post may contain affiliate links which means I receive a small commission at no cost to you if you make a purchase.


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    So many fun ideas! With three boys I’m definitely saving this for later!

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    Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

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    Love this idea! I have a couple of grandkids who would love a ninja party!

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