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Secret Santa with Gizmo

We have all heard of Secret Santa.  There are so many different situations that Secret Santa is used…in the workplace, at church, family gatherings, clubs, schools…basically where there is a group of people there is potential for this fun activity!  However, as is the norm with Mimi (that’s me 😉), I like to change it up a bit!  Let me tell you a little more about Secret Santa with Gizmo!

Gizmo is the little blue snowflake I brought to life last year.  If you haven’t read about him, you can read all about cute little Gizmo right here!

Gizmo appears to spread holiday cheer.  He helps count down to Christmas!  You never know when he is going to show up…and that is part of the fun!  This is similar to Secret Santa….you never know when festive items will appear throughout the month of December. Gizmo donned his Santa hat and is ready to be Santa’s helper!

Secret Santa Ideas ~

The fun thing about these 2 pairing up is that they can visit adults and/or children!    Some of these ideas will be catered more toward adults and some more toward children….some can be enjoyed by anyone at any age!

DIY Hot Cocoa Gift Kit ~ 

These cute hot cocoa sets can be enjoyed by people of all ages!  Easy to put together, adorable to set out and tasty to enjoy….for the win!  Ziploc Hot Cocoa Snowman is a perfect gift idea!   ⬅️⬅️Use this link to get the specifics or the Pinterest link below⬇️.

Christmas Coloring Book & Pencils ~ 

There is just something about Christmas that brings out the kid in all of us.  Our family loves to color, but it seems even more so at Christmas.  This festive book is perfect for all ages to share in the coloring fun!


Don’t forget to add the colored pencils…

Santa Candy Jar ~

LittleHouseofFour.com came up with this super cute idea for making a Santa Belt Jar filled with candy.  She utilized Dollar Tree items and an old belt…how creative is that…and oh so cute!  The link is below for the details on this fun gift for all ages!  *If you don’t have an old belt laying around, you can use felt or cardstock to create a belt!  Use the link below to get instructions from Katie!

(Image by LittleHouseofFour.com)

Katie from Little House of Four created this Santa Belt candy jar!

Christmas Word Search ~ 

Christmas games are always fun…this one caters to the younger crowd.  Maybe include a little Christmas candy with it and voila…you have an easy peasy but oh so fun gift!  Click the green link below for free printable!

FREE Christmas Word Search Printable!

DIY Gnomes ~

These are fun to make and gift….or if you are gifting to a crafty person, give them the materials needed and directions to make their own!  Here’s the link for all the details on holiday gnomes!


These are so much fun to make!  *They also make great package toppers!  If you are gifting the materials, this is what is needed…and I’m sure it is safe to assume they recepient will already have some of these items:

  • yarn
  • scissors (sharp and with pointy tip)
  • serving fork, wooden fork, credit card, or cardboard cut about 1 1/4″ wide X 1 1/4″ wide
  • hot glue gun
  • embellishments for nose:  wooden ball, small stones, pearl balls, etc.
  • toilet paper roll(s)
  • tape (for incidentals)
Bring Back the Chia Pets ~ 

So they have been around for YEARS….but have you looked at them recently???  There are so many fun ones out there.  What I love about these is that you still get to have a little “planting” fun even in the cold winter months!  Once again, here is something that all ages can have fun taking care of and watching it grow!

Christmas Bath Bombs ~ 

Bath bombs are always a hit with people of all ages!  These are no exception!

Snack Size Popcorn Popper ~ 

Calling all popcorn lovers!!!  THIS is the ultimate personal popcorn gadget for all ages!  LOVE this one!

Grinch Muddy Buddy ~ 

OH…MY…GOODNESS!  I utterly and completely LOVE this muddy buddy recipe/gift by fun-squared.com!  The grinch is always a hit for any gift giving!

*Image by four-squared.com

Use this handy link for the nitty gritty on this Grinch-tastic food gift idea by fun-squared.com!

Coloring Pages – Free Printables ~ 

Need some quick printouts to gift?  No worries, Gizmo has some Christmas themed coloring pages he has made for you…just click the green link below to print out as many as you want…for free!

Christmas Gnome Coloring Page

Meowy Christmas Coloring Page

Reindeer With Sleigh & Presents Coloring Page

Bookmarks for the Reader ~ 

There are never enough bookmarks to be found when you need one!  My remedy to that is to have bookmarks everywhere!  Who doesn’t love a fun way to mark where they left off!  They are easy to make and also easy to buy!  Here are some fun ideas:

Making your own bookmarks like these fun ones are so personable and easy!  I bet you have a fun picture stored of the person you are sending gifts to.  Create a very unique bookmark to help them remember the page AS WELL AS that fun occasion!

I personally love these adorable page markers as well…

For the Baker ~ 

There are a ton of bakers out there…kids and adults!  If you are one of those, you know what I say when I mention that there are never enough sprinkles and toppings.  Those little items can be SO expensive though!  So let’s help that baker out and create a custom peppermint sprinkle jar.  Find a fun little jar, crush up a bunch of candy canes (which are much less expensive) and put in the jar.  Add a fun little tag and you are good to go!

Christmas I Spy ~ 

Print out this fun picture below and have the kiddos find ALL of the elves!  The link for printing is below the image!

Christmas I Spy – Free Printable

Secret Santa Candies ~ 

Bring back some vintage Christmas candies instead of what you can find everywhere.  Who remembers these:

Elf Card Game ~ 

Another gift idea that can be fun for all ages.  Seriously, do you know anyone that does not love Elf?  In this game you get to join Buddy the Elf in throwing snowballs!!!

Have Some Sweets Delivered ~

If you are wanting to have some fun candies delivered, be sure to check out SugarWish.  I recently teamed up with them and I am loving their fun deliveries!  They have a very fun selection to choose from!

Wrapping it Up ~

There you have it folks….15 fun ideas…some DIY, some purchased, some with free printables.  Are you sending secret Santa gifts to someone at work, school or sneaking them onto their front porch?  These are some unique ideas that are a little different than a candle or toy.  (not that I don’t love giving candles and toys too!)  It’s just fun to be a little creative!

I personally am using these ideas along with my Gizmo printout to surprise my grandkids!  The kids have been asking so Secret Santa with Gizmo will be starting their appearances today!

Happy Holidays my friends ~





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  1. lindseydelossantos

    I love these ideas as a mom and teacher! Thank you so much for sharing! I will be passing these along!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      So glad you liked these festive ideas! I hope you enjoy and thank you for sharing! Happy Holidays to you!

  2. beusch

    I do look forward to Santa and Christmas for a whole year, the santa, christmas lights and decorations,
    The only problem is that sometimes it`s hard deciding on what to buy for family and friends.Your post has given me several ideas, thanks so much for sharing.

    • Shelly Latinovich

      I’m so glad it helped you with some gift ideas! I love Christmas too….it brings all the cozy feels! Thanks for reading my post!

  3. Susan

    Really cute ideas! I enjoyed this cheerful post!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thanks Susan! It’s fun to spread Christmas cheer!

  4. Amanda Newbery

    Love those DIY Gnomes! So fun!! Great ideas as ever on here.

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Aww thanks Amanda! The Christmas gnomes are so much fun to make…and believe it or not, very relaxing! Let me know if you give them a try!

  5. Julie

    Aw! I haven’t thought about chia pet in forever. I love these fun gifts ideas for a Secret Santa exchange.

    • Shelly Latinovich

      lol Julie….I hadn’t either….and the chia pets have certainly evolved! Thanks for reading….enjoy your holidays!

  6. Debbie

    These are all such fun and unique ideas. Your posts are always so fresh and fun! Great suggestions!

  7. Jenn

    What a great idea! Gizmo is the cutest, and I love the cute craft and snack ideas – especially that personal popcorn maker! Thinking our secret Santa exchange needs this Gizmo added.

  8. Aubrey

    I adore this post! I love this time of year simply because of the cute ideas you see online. Really appreciate you for sharing these!

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