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DIY Snowy Luminary

Christmas has come and gone and New Year’s Eve is upon us.  Have you taken your Christmas decor down yet or are you one of those (like me) who love a few extra days of festive glow.  There is just something special about the cozy feelings you get with the strings of lights and warm candles all around.  Well, winter is still here so let’s make a DIY snowy luminary to keep all the warm “feels” through the rest of the winter!

I belong to a Sustainable Craft Challenge Group that challenges us to use a pin we have saved and actually create the craft.  How many pins have you saved that you haven’t gotten back to????  We spend all of that time researching pins and then just let them sit there….so let’s get going!  We also have to use some items that are recyclable, unused, reduces waste, etc.  I don’t know about you but I have a collection of saved items to “use in a craft later.”  Let’s do this!

January’s theme is cozy or warm.  I got started a little late for this one with all the excitement of Christmas so I didn’t get to brainstorm long.  However, I am pretty excited about the end result of my cozy craft for January.

DIY Snow Luminary

If you are anything like me, you love snow!  I love to play in it and then I like to settle in under a warm blanket with a good book and a glowing candle to relax.   This pin by Instrupix was my inspiration for this month’s craft.   Check out DIY Snowy Luminaries by Instrupix here!  I truly love the simpleness of hers as well, but have been dying to do some fun crafts using Dollar Tree items.  I enjoyed walking around the store looking for items to use while also incorporating items I already had at home in my craft bin.

Items Needed ~
  • Mason jar or other jar of your choice
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush/sponge
  • Epsom Salt
  • Glitter or fake snow
  • Battery operated pillar or tealight candle
  • Twine/ribbon
  • Hot glue
  • Removable wall sticker from Dollar Tree
  • Black spray chalk paint
  • Snowy garland and/or ornaments
Instructions ~
  1. Paint your metal wall peelable stickers from the Dollar Tree with the black spray chalk paint.  Leave to dry.   The first picture is what the peelable stickers look like before painint and the second picture is after painting.                                                                                                                                           
  2. While these are drying, mix epsom salt and glitter or faux snow in a dish, mixing until well combined. 
  3. Spread the “snow” mixture on a paper sack or tray.
  4. Paint the Mason jar or other jar of your choice with Mod Podge.  Be sure to completely cover from top to bottom, spreading the Mod Podge lightly and evenly.  I prefer to use the sponge brushes when working with this medium. 
  5. Roll the jar covered in Mod Podge in the “snow” mixture until you have completely covered the jar. 
  6. Let dry.
  7. Measure your snowy garland so that it will fit snugly around the bottom of the jar.
  8. When jar is dry, place your painted house on the jar, securing with bits of hot glue.
  9. Place any snowy ornament you have chosen and secure with bits of hot glue as well.  I used a snowy tree that I had found in the ornament section.  I actually bought several of these years ago to use as package toppers. 
  10. Wrap the snowy garland snugly around the jar, making sure to gently place over the house and tree ornament and then secure in back with wire.                                                                                                                                           
  11. Run a bead of hot glue around top of jar and wrap twine until top is covered.  I used a thicker twine on this one so I only had to wrap it three times.  It would be beautiful to use a thinner twine as well and tie off in a bow once completely wrapped.  Have fun and experiment with the different sizes to see which you prefer!
  12. I covered my twine with a thin piece of matching ribbon for extra show!  I like to have a bit of bow hanging down over the top of the jar.
  13. Place your lighted candle down in jar.  Try different sizes of battery-operated candles here to see which gives you the preferred amount of glow you desire.

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Contributors ~

Julie ~ Sumoftheirstories.com

Terri ~ Terristeffes.com

T’onna ~ Sewcraftycrochet.com

Vicky ~ Vickymyerscreations.com

Mel ~ Decorcraftdesign.com

Julie  ~ Treasuresmadefromyarn.com

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Tips ~

You need several items for this craft but it is seriously SO easy.  The end result is absolutely fabulous!  One of the best things about this craft is that you can shop all the end of season clearance sales.  Let your imagination flow as you are perusing the aisles of all the craft stores.

I have followed a lot of crafters that work with Dollar Store items.  Many times I go and cannot find the items they are using…this is bound to happen.  So keep your mind open when you are shopping those clearance sales for other items you can use in place of what your see in my post.  However, I hope you are able to find the peelable wall sticker houses because I do love the look of the “silhouette” of the house.

Be very careful when securing your chalk-painted house to the snowy jar.  Chalk paint scratches easily.  If you happen to scratch, spray some extra paint on a paint, dip a Q-tip in it and dab over the scratches to repair.

Happy Crafting ~




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  1. mel

    It’s very beautiful! I love all that you’ve put together, it looks wintery but warm at the same time.

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thanks Mel! It was a lot of fun creating this cozy winter luminary!

  2. NikiLEOwife

    So pretty! It gives off such a warm and cozy glow for sure! I love that you can customize it in so many ways. I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for those metal house shaped stickers at DT. Pinned!
    Great hopping with you!
    Niki | Life as a LEO Wife

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thank you so much Niki! I am really enjoying starting some of the Dollar Tree crafting! It’s fun to walk the aisles and try to create crafts in your mind! I hope you find the metal houses!

  3. Amanda Newbery

    This is so cute and beautiful. What a great idea!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thanks Amanda! It definitely brings a cozy glow into the room!

  4. Karen Kasberg

    I absolutely LOVE this idea! I am guilty of pinning and then doing nothing with it. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thanks Karen! It is indeed awful to do so much pinning and then never make any of the crafts….I’m going to do better at it this year! Glad you were inspired!

  5. terristeffes

    A jar! Ha! I adore this and how cozy and warm is this cutie!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thanks! Amazing what crafts you can make with a jar…right? Thanks for reading!

  6. Julie

    What a lovely way to make a winter decoration from an old jar. I also love the idea of just going through your house and craft stash to find things to decorate with that you already have.

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thank you so much Julie! Yes, I am going to focus on utilizing some of the items I have saved over the years…it’s fun to go back through all the crafting items!

  7. Julie Huston

    This is adorable! Pinned!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thanks Julie! I hope you come back and let me know how you crafted your luminary!

  8. vickymyerscreations

    I love the combination of materials, what a lovely cosy jar to replace some Christmas decorations with (the house always feels so bare when we take them down)

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Isn’t it amazing how bare the house always feels when you take those Christmas decorations down? I always feel like I have to add new things to fill the space….this cozy jar fits perfectly! Thanks for reading!

  9. mariannesongbird

    This looks like a fun and easy project and the outcome is great. I can just imagine how much atmoshpere this little lantern adds to the room.

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thank you! It truly does add a very cozy touch to the room…the glow is perfect through the snowy glass!

  10. OnceUponaTimeHappilyEverAfter.com

    This is so cute! And so doable with your directions. I have 2 granddaughters who live in the same town as me. I would like to try this with them. I am new to your blog. Googled grandma and crafting blogs and yours showed up. I will be back!!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Oh my goodness….you have made my day! Thank you so much for your wonderful words! I hope you will come back and let me know how you and your granddaughters enjoy making this cozy winter craft together. I see that you too are a blogger….I will be sure to check yours out! I look forward to conversing with you more through our posts!

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