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The Lies I Tell – A Book Review

By the time you are saying nice to meet you, I’ve already known you for months.”  Creepy….am I right?  This line from Julie Clark’s novel stayed with me through the whole book.  In today’s times where information is so easily obtained by anyone who wants to take the time to do so….well, it just hit home!  The first book I have rated 5 out of 5 in a long time….find out why in my book review of The Lies I Tell.

Meg Williams has been in hiding for 10 years.  In that time she had numerous other identities…Deidra, Sandy, Amelia, Margaret, Melody & Maggie.  The list goes on.  Why so many identities?  Exactly how does she pull all of them so successfully?  While we don’t get to know all of those other pseudonyms intimately, we do learn a lot about why Meg has decided to come out of hiding after 10 long years!

Meet The Characters ~

  • Kat Roberts – Investigative Journalist
  • Meg Williams – Real Estate Agent (well, at least in this book)
  • Ron Ashton – Local Politician, Developer, Candidate for State Senator
  • Scott – Kat’s Fiancee
  • Jenna – Kat’s Best Friend
  • Veronica – Friend of Meg’s from Yoga
  • Dave – Veronica’s Husband & Ron Ashton’s Campaign Manager (hmmmmm)
  • Steve Martucci – Ron’s Business Manager
  • Rico – Ron’s Landscaper
  • Mick Martin – Real Estate Agent
  • Cal Nevins – Meg’s Old Friend
  • Robert – Cal’s Partner
  • Cory Dempsey – High School Teacher ~ Now Principal
  • Dr. Craig Michaelson – Math Department Chair
  • Nate Burgess – Cory’s Best Friend
  • Kristen & Laura – Meg’s Friends in High School
  • Johnny – Meg’s Boss at the YMCA
  • Rosie – Meg’s Mom (now passed away)
  • Nana & Pop (Rupert & Emily) – Rosie’s Paternal Grandparents
  • Dean – Rosie’s Father
  • Frank Durham – Investigative Journalist – Kat worked for
  • Sylvie – Meg’s Make Believe Neurotic Roommate
  • Ted & Sheila – Sell Cars – specifically a Honda Accord
  • Mrs. Clara Nelson – Neighbor on Brentwood
  • Celia Montgomery – Divorce Support Group Attendee
  • Phillip Montgomery – Celia’s Ex Husband – CEO Prince Foods
  • Renata – Phillip’s Sister
  • Gretchen & Rick – Wanting to Buy Ron’s House
  • Guy Cincinelli – Real Estate Agent

Two Main Characters ~

Julie Clark keeps your mind going as she weaves you in and out of the lives of two different women.  She followed this same type of writing style in The Last Flight…another great book by this author.  Read my book review of The Last Flight right here!

From present day to 22 weeks into the past, we become deeply engrossed in the lives of both women and wait for their final acknowledgment that they both know who the other is!  Does this ever happen?  It’s a page turner until the end!

Finding Justice ~

How many times in you life have you been hurt by someone and whether right or wrong, you just want justice to be served?  When (& if) that justice is finally served, it is sometimes hard to not feel an extreme sense of happiness that the other party got exactly what they deserved.

However, through the course of these plans being laid out, wouldn’t it be ironic if you suddently start understanding why the other person feels as they do?

How Do Con Artists Work ~

I think it’s pretty obvious that holding your enemy close makes it much easier to slip the knife into their back.”  So when your are seeking revenge it isn’t always the best idea to pull as far away from your enemy as possible???  hmmmmm…..  As Ron is in the thick of his campaign, Meg fully engrosses herself into his life.  This leaves Kat wondering what exactly Meg is up to.

As Kat is using her investigate journalist skills to get the best story of her lifetime, she starts seeing more clearly what Meg’s final plan is.  Will Meg be so engrossed in her own thought patterns that she fails to see what Kat is up to?  This would be a good place to remind everyone, “there are always two sides to a story!”

Discussion Questions ~

Below are some questions you can use to discuss this book….*this part of the review does include some spoilers!

  1. Have you ever used social media to research about someone?
  2. What could someone learn from your social media presence?
  3. Meg gets fully engrossed in the lives of those she is planning to con.  Do you think you would see her deceptive ways if you were her target?
  4. Why does Meg choose her target during a major life change?
  5. Meg states that if a person is a natural “problem solver” they are easiesr to con…would you agree
  6. Meg states “The lies I tell serve a purpose tipping karma in the right direction, returning power to those who have lost it.”  What are your thoughts on this?  In our quest to many times be the bigger person or to be kind, is this a good way of looking at things?
  7. Kat finally realizes that while she has blamed Meg for years for her situation with Nate, she is actually just a circumstance of chace not really a targeted victim of Meg.  How would you feel about this?
  8. Meg and Kat both start realizing that they cannot trust the other, however, they remain involved in each other’s lives…could you do this?
  9. Renata ends up despising Meg for conning her brother, Phillip, into returning the beloved cottage to ex-wife Celia.  Do you think Renata is right for being angry with Meg?
  10. Scott tries desperately to plant the seed of doubt in Kat’s mind regarding Meg.  Did you think the one hurting Kat was Meg or Scott?
  11. Kat doesn’t trust Scott’s colleagues to investigate him…what are your thoughts on corrupt officers and detectives?
  12. Is Meg officially done with being a con-artist or will she return?

Those Adorable Bookmarks ~

Did you notice those fun DIY bookmarks in the featured image for this post?  I love bookmarks…I love making them for myself and for others.  I have been obsessed with these for quite some time because they are so personal!  Read my post on Zany DIY Bookmark Fun for the easy instructions to make your own!

Next on the Reading List ~

Well…..it has to be the only book I haven’t read by Julie Clark…right?  I have just placed my order for The Ones We Choose.  Have you read this one yet?  What did you think?

Happy reading my dear friends ~





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  1. Lynn gill

    Your book reviews are so DETAILED! I have not read that book. I will definitely check it out . And, yes the book markers are very adorable !

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thank you Lynn! I know we share different book ideas, but I really think you will like this one as much as I did! I also know you say you aren’t crafty….but those girls would enjoy making these with you…just a thought! 😜

  2. Olga Vinogradova

    Sometimes I miss reading so much. I have two kids under 2 and I have time just for short youtube videos now. This book sounds very interesting, I love creppy stories.

    • Shelly Latinovich

      I understand how hard it is to find the time when your kids are young. I hope you get back to it soon….so many good books out there! P.S. I love creepy stories too!

  3. Courtney

    I love that you included book club questions! It can be so hard to come up with those on your own for a book.

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thanks Courtney. I started including book club questions in all of my reviews because I found it was hard to find any for bookclub as well! I hope you read the book and find the questions helpful for discussion!

  4. Crystal @ Sharing Life's Moments

    This sounds like a wonderful book to read. I have been involved with people I couldn’t fully trust plenty of times in my life.

  5. Melissa

    I’ve been looking for a great book to read. You’ve convinced me to try this one! I love that you included discussion questions in your post. I’m bookmarking this so I can come back to the questions after I read the book. Thank you!

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