Birthdays are a big deal! It has always been important to me that our children felt extra special on their birthday.  I began decorating the kid’s bedroom doors early on so that their special day began with a smile.  Back then this mostly consisted of streamers and/or balloons.   (If only I had access to Pinterest in my early motherhood years!!!)   Now there are so many creative ideas to making a Birthday Door!

I waited until the kids would fall asleep.  Those who know me understand that this could be an issue at times….I decompress quickly as the evening rolls around.  I would then tape long streamers from the top of the door frame down to the floor.  I would usually use 2 or 3 different colors, depending on their favorite at the time.  I then would run the streamers across from one side of the wall to the other in the hallway.  These would be at different heights giving them no choice but to crawl through or over them to get out of their room and down for breakfast.  In spite of how tired I may have been, I am so glad that I continued this tradition with our children.  As they got older, it became more apparent at how much they loved this!

Read on for some great Birthday celebration ideas!

I’m happy to see that some people still follow the tried and true streamer decorations.  However, it is very fun to get new ideas as well.  Follow this link to some great birthday ideas! from Meaningful Mama.  She shares many great celebration ideas, as well as an example of the streamer door,  which was contributed by I Love my Disorganized Life,

As I scroll through different ideas, I wish I would have tried some of these when my children were young.  For example, putting money in balloons and taping them to your children’s door.   How much fun would your child have popping the balloons on the morning of their birthday to get to their surprises?   Check out this fun Birthday Money Balloon Door!

Another great idea is to use their new age in your door decorating like this from Giggles Galore.  Great idea for incorporating their new age!

It goes without saying though, that whatever extra effort you put in to your child’s birthday celebration will be remembered throughout their lifetime.  I am very happy to say that I now get to watch my daughter continuing the Birthday Door tradition.  Of course, she has come up with even more fun ideas that the kids really enjoy.  I love seeing what creative ideas she creates each year.

Isn’t it wonderful to see family traditions handed down through the years?  My mom used to comment on that, and now that my children are grown it makes even more sense to me.  Do you have some family traditions that your children are carrying on?  I would love to hear about them!


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