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Sleepover and Spa Day With Grandkids

It turns out that you really don’t have to have a lot planned to create a day of fun with grandparents.  Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE planning fun activities.  However,  it is also fun to do the simple things that will create special memories for ALL ages.  This weekend turned out to be just that!  I packed my bag and gathered up all of my favorite skincare products (Limelife by Alcone), and we headed to my mother’s house with Lauren and the grandkids.  The end product was a fun sleepover and spa day with the grandkids…and it was absolutely perfect!

Lauren, the grandkids and I piled in the car and headed down for a day of fun with Great Grandma!  Both Lauren and I always tend to plan for every hour of the day (well, more Lauren than me these days), but we decided this would just be a day of relaxation, conversation and whatever decided to come our way…you know….just enjoy the old time fun of enjoying the simple life!

The Simple Life ~

The day brought lots of simple fun:

Story Telling
Fort Building With Boxes
Snuggle Time

These are the days that I don’t think the average person gets enough of….at least I know our family doesn’t.  Let me tell you…it is worth it to make it happen…and not just for the adults!  The littles enjoyed this day as much as we did!

As we were sitting out on Grandma’s cozy porch in the early hours of the day, I decided why not have a little “spa day.”  The coffee cup was forgotten for awhile as I pulled out my favorite skin care products.  Funny looks were turned my way at first…a spa day outside?  Why not?

Reconnecting With Old Friends ~

Let me back up a bit to talk about friends we meet throughout life.  Friendships are a funny thing…you have lifelong friends from childhood and then the many you meet along the way.  For me, friends were made through sports, college, work, kid’s classes, volunteering, kid’s after school activities and neighborhood.  So many wonderful friends have been made through the years.

So why am I talking about this random subject?  I have reconnected with many friends over the years…friends from those earlier days.  Lori is one of those friends.  We met in college and reconnected through social media (one of the things I love most about social media!)  She is this beautiful soul inside and out.  The outer beauty is enhanced even more by the skin care products she shares with others…Limelife by Alcone.  (No, I am not a rep…she is….I just love the products!)

Spa Day ~

We started with some warm washrags draped over our faces.  I believe the smiles on both faces say everything…they were loving it from the very start!  (notice the hand holding too….be still my heart!)

Next was deep cleaning with Glowing Green Toner Pads.  (These feel wonderful).  Keep in mind that I am obviously not a professional, so we may have done things out of order.  I sometimes have to reach out to Lori to remind me what is used when. 🤣

We continued on with Eye Arise (guys…seriously this stuff is AMAZING!), skin polish (also AMAZING), Sotoks and Green Smoothie.  We didn’t necessarily do it in the order listed and not everyone used every product.  The general idea was to just make them feel good and have fun!  I used Limelife because I love it, but you can obviously do your own spa day with whatever your favorite products are.

The end result was a lot of laughter and relaxation.  The girls mostly enjoyed this part of the visit, but the boys jumped in on some of the fun as well.  They had box forts to turn to when not interested!  Heck, we even had some of Grandma Judy’s favorite friends peek in on the fun!

Pssst…I think Lori has some products for those under eye bags Miss Raccoon!

We finished off the weekend with loads of yummy food, movies, playing with dolls and super heroes and golf cart rides!  We packed A LOT of fun in one night/day!  My suggestion…mix it up….simple fun and planned fun…enjoy a little of both!  (For those of you who want more “planned” ideas…check out the rest of the suggestions below!)

Want To Take It Up A Notch? ~

Are you one of those that prefers planning over just letting things happen as they may?  Consider taking it up a notch for your own spa day!

Add some special slippers for the occasion ~ Add these adorable slippers by Gygo Goods to complete the Spa Day Experience!

Mini Spa Kits????  Yes please! ~ Have a Mini Spa Kit by BubblesandSpark available for each person in your party…how fun is that?

Send each person home with a fun little gift! ~ Get these adorable Spa Day bath bombs by Wild Lavendar Bath Body

I hope of each of you can plan an overnight and spa day with grandkids….real soon!  Enjoy!



P.S.  Are you interested in reaching out to Lori regarding Limelife by Alcone…..Click here to get more information about Limelife products from Lori!

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  1. Nathalie

    This was precious and I completely agree, most people do not have enough of days like this. I think it was very helpful that you had a plan prior to the day, this would make distractions much harder to come by (like scrolling on the phone). Thank you for sharing!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thanks Nathalie! Yesssss….the scrolling of the phone (I am guilty and trying so hard to be better about that!) This was indeed a great day!

  2. Smelly Socks and Garden Peas

    Oh I wish my mum or mother in law could do this with my kids. But they both live really far away.

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Hi Smelly! I do agree that living closer allows for these fun days! I hope your family gets to travel to see them a bit!

    • Emily

      Sounds like a great day of relaxing

      • Shelly Latinovich

        Thanks for reading…it was indeed relaxing!

  3. Kelly Krebs

    This is such a cute post! So many great ideas for grandparents and I love the spa day. My little girl would love a spa day with my mother! Thank you for posting this!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thank you Kelly! The spa day really was enjoyed by all ages…which was so special! I hope your mom and daughter do one soon!

  4. Stephanie

    Days such as this will be in our grandchildrens memories forever. The best gift you can give anyone is a memory!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      I agree Stephanie…the best gift for sure is a great memory! Thanks for reading!

  5. Luna S

    Those bath bombs are so cute! I love this 🙂 my mom, my daughter & I enjoy going out for a pedi & lunch when we get the chance. This reminds me I need to do a spa day at home with my daughter.

    • Shelly Latinovich

      I know, right? LOVE those bath bombs! How wonderful that you, your mom and daughter do pedi and lunch dates! I love that! Let me know when you enjoy a spa day at home! 😊

  6. Dana Vitolo

    I love your idea for a sleepover and day spa with the grandkids! This is so precious and special bonding time. When my daughter gets a bit older, she would love to do this with her grandmother! The mini spa kits are adorable!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thank you Dana! It is such a fun way to bond! I hope you will do it as well when your daughter gets a bit older…so much fun!

  7. Liv

    Such a cute idea! I love the thought of giving out the little spa kits!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thanks! I love those little spa kits too…so cute!

  8. SM

    This is very beautiful, such a wholesome post! I miss my granny <3. Thanks for sharing.

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thanks so much for reading! It was a great day! Hugs to you regarding your granny!

  9. Akyn Fullhouse

    What a precious bonding moment to spend with your family. A moment to treasure forever. I love the spa kits as well. ♥️

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thank you Akyn! It really did create such good bonding…and memories to last a lifetime!

  10. scleve25

    OOO FUN! I’m sending this to my mom for the next grandkid sleepover!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      I am so happy you enjoyed this idea! I hope your mom does it with the kiddos….it really was a great day!

  11. fourtickets

    This is so cute! My mom would love this!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thanks for reading! It was a fun day indeed!

  12. Forever My Little Moon

    It sounds like a fun and relaxing day with grandma! I love the cozy slippers!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      It really was a special day! I love those slippers too…always on the lookout for cute and cozy slippers!

  13. Samantha Laycock

    I remember all of the times I spent with my grandparents. I miss them every day. I wish we lived closer to my parents for this reason so my kids could have these memories.

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Memories are a very powerful and special thing! I do feel very blessed to live close enough to be able to do things such as this! I also have some blogs on keeping in touch through “snail mail.” You should check those out since your parents live farther away! Thanks for reading!

  14. Rachel

    The grandkids will certainly hold these memories dear. And, those bath bombs are perfect favors for a spa party.

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thanks Rachel…I believe they will too! And yes….don’t you just LOVE those bath bombs? I think they are one of my faves!

  15. Vidya Tiru

    oh my!! love all the ideas for a spa party .. maybe for my teen’s next party at home !!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thank you so much! I do believe your teens would love this!

  16. brighamknowsbest

    This looks like such a wonderful time and many great memories made!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thanks!~ Great memories were definitely made!

  17. Clarice

    Awww. This is really nice and sweet. Your post definitely made me miss my grandma as we used to spend a lot of time together. Love the storytelling time. It’s still one of my best memories. I also remember having spa days with her.

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Aww Clarice…I love that it brings back wonderful memories with your Grandma! Thank you for reading my post!

  18. Brooke

    Love this! This is so sweet. I will have to share this with my parents. My mom loves a day with the grandkids!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thank you Brooke! I hope your mom loves doing this with the grandkids…a very special treat they will love!

  19. lindseydelossantos

    Love this so much! Grandparents are so very special!!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      I couldn’t agree with you more Lindsey. Love my grandparents…and I love being one too!

  20. Elle Robinson

    How adorable is this?! I LOVE this idea so much. Thanks for sharing such sweet memories.

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thank you Elle! It is always frun to do things that will have lasting memories! This sleepover and spa day was a big hit!

  21. Arnetta

    This is such a good idea i’m gonna do this with my girls and my mom

    • Shelly Latinovich

      I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed it! I hope your girls and mom enjoy the spa day as much as we did!

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