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Flat Skelly Skeleton is BACK!

It’s a few days before October and we are getting VERY excited for all the Halloween FUN!  Last year I introduced Flat Skelly Skeleton in an effort to bring Halloween fun to everyone’s mailboxes.  No, not an email mailbox….the snail mail mailbox.  You know, the big thing outside that usually only produces bills and advertisements?!?!  Let’s spuce the inside of that box up with some Halloween fun because Flat Skelly Skeleton is BACK!

What is so wonderful about this project is if a grandparent or other family member lives far away from the littles in their family, they can still be a part of the Halloween fun!  You send the Flat Skelly…they send you pictures all month long!  A link is included above for the original post so you can read more about it, however, I am also including a direct link below as well to get the necessary printouts for this festive project.  I guarantee you that it will bring smiles to the children and you ALL…MONTH….LONG!

Flat Skelly Poem ~

*→Make the introduction to Flat Skelly with this easy to use printout!  You can print it out on your paper type and color of choice.

(pic included for reference…use the green link above for printable version)

*→You will also need this skeleton cutout for Flat Skelly!

(pic included for reference…use the green link above for printable version)

As stated earlier, there is a link above that describes Flat Skelly in detail, but here are the basics.

How Flat Skelly Works ~

  • Print a copy of the poem.  This can be printed on any type and color of paper.  If you are mailing, I suggest you print on regular copy weight of paper for less cost in mailing.
  • Print the skeleton cutout page…you will want to be sure to include a printout of this for each family member receiving the package.  I suggest you print this on card stock to make the skeleton more durable to last through the month.
  • Include 8 brads for each skeleton printed.  (Unless the family you are sending to is a crafty family and already has some of these in stock.    (brad’s are two pronged paper fasteners).  Here is a handy link if you need to order some brads ➡️➡️Brads for crafting.
  • Mail the complete package out to your loved ones!  They will do the cutting and assembling once they receive their fun snail mail.

Now it is up to the grandchildren, nieces/nephews, etc.  As they complete different Halloween crafts, make creepy foods or go to festive activities, they need to take Flat Skelly with them and photograph the memories and send the pics to you!  Voila!  You are not there, BUT it’s the next best thing!!!!


Please do NOT stop with this one mailing!  You have so many opportunities to send more Halloween fun to those cute little Halloween creatures!  Throughout the month of October, send other small skeleton themed cards, projects, games, treats, etc to keep everyone thinking about Flat Skelly!

Here are some fun ideas for you:

The Skeleton Game ~

The object of this game is to be the first person to assemble the skeleton.

You will need the following:

  • 1 Dice
  • Printout of game rules for reference
  • Printout of skeleton for each person playing

Print out directions for The Skeleton Game Here! ⇐ Use this handy link to print out the game rules.

Print out the quirky skelton here! or if you prefer you can print out more copies of Flat Skelly (link above)  Cut out the pieces (head, 2 complete arms, 2 complete legs and body).

This is an easy game to print out the pieces and send along in the mail.  It usually is safe to assume that the recipients will have a dice to use.

Skeleton Treasure Hunt ~

This game is incredibly easy.  You will need to purchase flat skeleton pieces to send in the mail.  I honestly had a pretty hard time finding flat skeleton faces that would be easy to mail.  I have included a link to one set that I found that would work perfectly, though they are small… Skeleton faces – flat.  You could also find some in party favor sections of different stores.

Print out this simple Skeleton Treasure Hunt instruction page to mail out!  It doesn’t get any easier than that!!!

 (Picture shown for reference!)

Halloween Sticker Face Fun ~

Mail these fun Make A Face sticker sheets to your little ghouls for some craft time.   I know, these do not have a skeleton theme…but it still is a great Halloween project that will be easy to mail out!  This fun set includes 36 pieces of fun ghoulish face making!

These spooky ideas should get you started!  The kids will be so excited that Flat Skelly Skeleton is back!  Remember, this is a fun project for those who live far away OR for those who live in the same town.  Kids LOVE to receive mail….so get moving now to bring some fun to their mailbox!

Happy Haunting!

Mimi (otherwise know as Skelly Shelly during the month of October!)




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  1. confectionarydesigns

    This will be so fun for the kids to make – I am always looking for decor they make to spruce up the house!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thanks! We absolutely love everything Halloween here…always fun to find new fun ideas!

  2. Karen Kasberg

    Such a fun project for kiddos!! I will have to share this with my DIL. Love this!!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thanks Karen! It is a great activity for the month of October!!!

  3. akansharajput124

    The kids will love this! Will use try these ideas with my nephew.

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thanks! We love everything Halloween! Hope your nephew enjoys it!

  4. Luna S

    This is a great idea! My kids would really enjoy this, thanks for sharing it.

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thanks so much Luna! I hope your family gives it a try! Happy Halloween!

  5. courtneymck

    I love that the focus of this is on something the kids can do with loved ones who live far away. We have grandparents and family friends who would love to do this with our kids.

    • Shelly Latinovich

      I’m always looking for fun ways to keep family in touch….in a fun way! I hope you will find it a fun thing to do with your loved ones!

  6. Jasmyn

    I love this creative and and collaborative craft. It’s so wonderful to share with loved ones in such a fun way!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thanks Jasmyn! It’s always fun to find fun things to do with all of the family members whether near or far!

  7. Gervin Khan

    Wow! This is so cool, kids will definitely loved it! Perfect for this coming Halloween festivity! Thanks for sharing this with us!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thanks Gervin! Don’t you just love holiday festivities? I sure do!

  8. Vidya Tiru

    This is so much fun.. I am already thinking of ways to adapt this to festivals I celebrate too 🙂

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thanks Vidya! I love that you are looking for ways to adapt this to your festivals!!!! Enjoy!

  9. Shelley

    What a cool idea! Love this 💕

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thanks Shelley! We certainly love everything Halloween and family….to combine them is a wonderful thing! 😉

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