‘Tis the season of Halloween hauntings….skeletons, witches, ghosts and ghouls!  Can you feel all the eerie feelings as you walk through your neighborhood on these crisp evenings?  Halloween is so much more fun when there are festive yard decorations all around…don’t you agree?  Have you started decorating yet….it’s not too late to make your own ghostly yard decor!  Follow along for these easy DIY directions.

As I walk through my neighborhood I see amazing store bought decor as well as homemade.  One style is not better than the other as far as I am concerned.  They all fit together nicely to create a fun atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.  I have been making yard ghosts for many years now.  In fact, I have the regulars that stop by each year to take a picture of their kids using the ghosts as their backdrop and I LOVE that!

How to Make Your Own Ghostly Yard Decor ~

These little ghostly guys are so festive and fun and yet so easy to make!!!  What is even better is if you don’t have all of the materials on hand, you can brainstorm to easily come up with some items to substitue and still get a good outcome.  Following is a list of the items you will need:

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