I’m in awe!  I really don’t know how else to sum up my feelings after reading, “I’m Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy.  My first thoughts go to the old saying, “You never know what goes on behind closed doors.”  While I have learned this to be true as I have gotten older, this memoir smacks you in the face with the raw truth of this saying.

Raising children creates many different situations as a parent that you never thought about when you first brought your sweet little baby home.  One of the biggest lessons that I worked hard to instill in our children was to always appreciate what they have and to not be envious when others have more.   Mostly  because envy isn’t good…but also because while things may look perfect from the outside, you never really know what families are dealing with on the inside.

Summary of I’m Glad My Mom Died ~

Jennette was a child star living her mother’s dream.  While most of us would think she was living a fairy tale life, Jennette explains that becoming an actress at the delicate age of 6 was never her wish.  The turmoil that unwinds over the years of her childhood were anything but happy, however, she was still too young to even realize this!

*This review discusses the topics related to “I’m Glad My Mom Died” without giving away all of the details.  I want you to read the book and come back and discuss it with me!

Breaking It Down ~

How very sad!  From the very beginning I found it was easy to see how her mom had unrealized dreams and was living vicariously through her daughter.  Interestingly enough, my daughter was initially seeing only how much her mom loved her and wanted to help her be successful.  (I want to point out here that my daughter is in her 20’s and a very mature young lady).   I’m looking forward to our bookclub this week as I believe her opinion has changed drastically as she delved deeper into the book.

As parents, shouldn’t we realize that when raising children they are young versions of ourselves just trying to make us happy?  Our job here is to help them realize THEIR dreams!  Even as young adults they strive to be the good kid!  I am realizing this more and more in my aging years.  I, too, EVEN IN MY 50’s have spent my life trying to make my parents proud.  Don’t get me wrong here, I am a very fulfilled wife and mother, but it just still gives you a little jolt of happiness when you know your parents are happy with something you have done.

Also, a child should never be placed in the position of siding with a parent, forced to feel they should not grow up, pushed to live anyone’s dreams but their own or asked to support their family.  This is in a perfect world though right?  Unfortunately, these things happen more often than we care to admit….and it all happened to Jennette

So what does one do when they actually realize this has happened to them?  Can they realize it at a young age or do they live through years of suffering, not really realizing they are suffering?   How does one even begin to realize what their dreams are after they have lived their childhood for someone else?

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