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Fall is Around the Corner!

We have all heard the jokes…let’s just skip through Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and move on to 2021!  Everyone is officially FED UP with 2020.  However, we still have time to make this year memorable in ways other than the dreaded virus that has haunted us these last few months.  I truly believe this.  Maybe it’s because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HALLOWEEN!  Let’s set aside the frustration and enjoy the rest of this year because YES~Fall is Around the Corner!  Ok, ok I hear you.  It’s August 14 and the official start of fall is September 22.  That means we have time to plan new activities, make new crafts and search for delicious new recipes….let’s go!

Start Collecting Pine Cones and Nuts NOW!!!

The wonderful thing about crafting with nature’s wonders is that adults and children can craft together using the same materials but with different outcomes.   Pinecone and nut crafts have evolved through the years.    I have been urging my family members to start collecting pinecones and nuts now so we will have a nice inventory when we get ready to start crafting.  I am absolutely loving some of the ideas I am seeing on Pinterest like these cute ideas:  Click here for some creative nature holiday crafts like the pics below!!


While making these cute little guys above, the kids can be crafting right next to you with the same materials and a little help from you with glue guns and such.  Kid nature craft ideas can be found here!


Let’s not forget about the different types of nuts!  Look at this ADORABLE acorn craft for kids!  Here’s a sneak peak but use the link to get supply list and directions from Mama Instincts.

For the adults…oh how I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS ONE!

The link is an image from a postcard by Zazzle, but a lot of people have made different variations using this card as their inspiration.  Mimi’s 2020 Pick for Best Acorn Craft can be found here!  When you visit my house this fall, you can be sure you will find one or two of these cuties in my bathroom.

Once everyone has made their crafts, they will be so fun to incorporate into your holiday decorating throughout the house.  I know there are so many times I am looking for some little small items to complete different displays.  Don’t forget that Fall is just around the corner, so you need to get started soon!  These will be just what I use!


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  1. Beth Elkassih

    I love Halloween too! And this photos are so adorable! I can understand why you can’t wait to craft your own!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thanks Beth! I love to hear you are a fellow Halloween lover!

  2. Mel online tutor

    I enjoyed those crafting ideas! Will definitely try the out.

    • Shelly Latinovich

      I’m so glad you enjoyed them too. Please let me know how yours turn out!

  3. Maria

    These look really cute

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