Celebrating Grandparent’s Day!

Are you a plan ahead kind of person or last minute kind of person?  I will admit, I am more of a last minute person myself.  However, I am more of an online shopper, and I think we all know that shipping lately has been much slower than normal.  With that being said, Grandparent’s Day is 3 weeks away.

Crafting Ideas ~

There are so many different ideas for recognizing your favorite Mimi & Pappy…ooops, I mean Grandma & Grandpa! 😉  I personally love hand-made cards and crafts.  It’s a great way for the kiddos to put some thought and love into letting their grandparents know how special they are to them.

As always, I turn to Pinterest for fun ideas.  One very simple, yet memorable craft are these coloring pages shared by Skip To My Lou.  I shared a sample below, but there are several pages to choose from.  Not only do the kids get to color, but they also answer special questions about their grandparents that make a very memorable gift for any Grandma and Grandpa.    Use this great link for free coloring pages from Skip to My Lou

Granparent-Hugs Coloring Page

Another super cute idea is to let the kids make a card with their handprints and then list 10 reasons why they love their Grandma & Grandpa like the one below shared by Learning Resources.    Materials Needed and Instructions for making your own handprint Grandparent card

Gift Ideas ~

If you are not so much the crafty type or you prefer to purchase a memento for this special day, that is just as nice!  Here are some cute ideas for you to check out:

Keychains are always a great idea and these that are made by LovesOnDesigns are just perfect.  You can choose from several color options:  black, silver, antique silver, copper, bronze and it showcases an adorable picture of the grandchildren.  Who doesn’t love one of these for grandparent bragging at their fingertips????  Use this link to order your adorable keychain now!

I also love this adorable book offered by JJGiftBooks.  As you know, we are a family that loves books of all kinds.  This precious book can be made for Grandma or Grandpa.  It’s a rhyming board book that honors the special bond between a grandparent and grandchild. There are picture sleeves throughout the book for you to insert pictures of your choice to personalize each individual book.

  Order this awesome Grandparents book now!

It also includes stickers with the following names to change the title if your kiddo calls you something other than Grandma or Grandpa.* Nanny
* Nana
* Nanna
* Granny
* Gran
* a plain sticker, which is advisable to use underneath the name sticker

There are just so many wonderful options out there to help your children express how very much they love their Grandparents.  Even better is that there is still time to start planning for this special day now!  Love to all!

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