Are you tired of reading the same Halloween picture books to the kids every year?  Yes, there are always the favorites that everyone looks forward to each year, but maybe it’s time to spice up your collection.  You are going to want to try this list of the best Halloween picture books.

Last year I hosted a Witches’ Tea Party for the kids.  I’m not sure who had more fun…me preparing for the big event or the kids when they got to partake of it.  I will do a separate post on that later, but suffice it to say that it was a huge hit!  As I was planning all of the festivities for that day, I was overjoyed to discover that there are actually books titled The Witches’ Tea Party….how frightfully awesome!  (I was happy to see that there are other crazy Halloween lovers like myself out there in the big world 😉)

Below are some of the new books I have purchased over the last couple of years…and one that I am ordering this week to add to our spooky collection of Halloween books!  There are also some fun FREE printable coloring pages🖍 included at the end of this post!!!!

6 Of The Best Halloween Picture Books ~

The Witches’ Tea Party by Stuart McDonald ~

Join Heggerty Witch and Fidget the Cat as Heggerty plans some spookalicious recipes for a festive tea party.  She has five finicky friends she is hoping to please.  Follow along with this delightful rhyming book and cute illustrations to see how it turns out.  Who knows?  Maybe you will find some witching delights yourself!   Click Here to View the Witches’ Tea Party Book!

Halloween Coloring Book – Witches’ Tea Party ~

I was very excited to find this coloring book.  It has larger illustrations that would be better suited for the younger age group.  However, I enjoyed coloring in it with the kids as well.  Fun and festive!  Click here to view the festive Halloween Coloring Book!

I Spy Spooky Night ~

Of course, everyone always loves a good I Spy Book too.  Have you read I SPY SPOOKY NIGHT with the kids yet?  If not, this one is a definite must for your Halloween collection.  The pages are filled with eerie and festive Halloween pictures.  Enjoy hunting for spooky objects as you travel through the pages.  Click here to view I Spy Spooky Night!

The Squeaky Wheels on the Bus by J. Elizabeth Mills ~

Rattle and Shake through the town with these fun Halloween characters.  Your kids will enjoy singing along to the classic Wheels on the Bus song.   Ride along as you pick up a few unsuspecting characters along the way.  It’s a spooky bus ride that your kids will be sure to enjoy.  Click here to view the Spooky Wheels on the Bus!

Hoot Howl Halloween (Interactive Book) ~

You can’t go wrong with buttons and sounds, right?  Explore the haunted house with your children and enjoy the spooky noises of Halloween that fill the night!  Click here to view the fun interactive book: Hoot Howl Halloween

Skeleton Hiccups by Margery Cuyler ~

This is a book that I am adding to our library this year.  It has so many wonderful reviews of children giggling non-stop while reading this silly yet festive story.  A skeleton is struggling with hiccups and has  numerous fun methods of trying to get rid of them.  Click here to view Skeleton Hiccups!

BONUS – Free Halloween Coloring Pages ~

Click on the link below for FREE Halloween coloring pages.  I have provided a sample of these cute printouts.  *Please note that these are available on this post and also on my HOME page, where I have created a resource page.

Click here to print FREE Halloween coloring pages provided by Crayola! 👻🦇👽

The number of Halloween picture books that are available make every little spook howl with delight.  The books listed above are just a few of what we consider to be the best Halloween picture books.  I hope you will enjoy them as much as we do…and of course, please let me know if you have some favorites to share as well!  I love building our library with tried and true favorites!

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