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Try Adding a New Thanksgiving Tradition

Why not?  It’s 2020…the year of everything different!  Are you having a small Thanksgiving gathering or will yours be a bit bigger?  Regardless of the size, I believe this is a great time to try adding a new Thanksgiving tradition to your tried and true favorites!

Thanksgiving Tablescapes ~

Do you have a favorite way you like to decorate your Thanksgiving table or do you prefer to change it up each year?  Here are some festive ideas along with little extras to make it fun as well as pretty.

A Thanksgiving Table Glowing with Candles ~

One of the things I love about tablescaping is “shopping your house” to find new ways to bring old pieces back to life.  Les Cultivateur demonstrates this so well by using a lot of old candlesticks to create a new look:

Check out these great tips from Lecultivateur.com on how to use everyday items to create a beautiful Thanksgiving table!

Candles, candles, candles!  Such a cozy and intimate display.  She also gives a great tutorial on how to make your own “rustic” candlesticks from unfinished wood pieces purchased from a craft store.  Please also take the time to see how she crafted a wood riser as well.  This exquisite table is finished off by “shopping outdoors” to add some beautiful greenery to finish the look.

A Thanksgiving Table with Nature’s Bounties ~

Simple and beautiful ideas from Eat.sleep.decorate.blogspot.com for a beautiful Thanksgiving table!

Do you have trees around you with various nuts or other fun seedlings?  Shop outdoors for natures beauties and fill different glass votives and hurricanes (but remember to leave some for our furry outdoor friends).  She also suggests adding some dried peas or kidney beans for additional color…what a fantastic idea!  Place beautiful greenery from evergreen or holly trees and bushes underneath the glassware to complete the look.

A Thanksgiving Clad with Turkeys ~

Homeiswheretheboatis.com shows beautiful turkey displays as well as a napkin folding tutorial!

I must say, while it is not a necessity, I LOVE the idea of working a turkey or two in on the table somewhere…in addition to the one you will be eating!  Whether you have a beautiful turkey to display as the centerpiece, small turkey napkin holders or maybe you want to fold your napkins in the fancy fantail design.  Home is where the boat is gives a great tutorial on the fantail napkin folding to create a nice “turkey” tail.

Let’s Not Forget the Kid’s Thanksgiving Table ~

Free printables and GREAT ideas for the kid’s Thanksgiving table from Thinkmakeshareblog.com

The creative studios of Hallmark at Think.make.share.blog have included numerous fun Thanksgiving printables.  Make the kid’s Thanksgiving table festive and fun!  They have supplied everything from placemats and activity books to turkey place cards.  Place terra cotta pots filled with crayons at each setting.  Add small bowls of appetizer snacks to keep them busy while you are finishing the cooking!

Fun Conversation Starters ~

Conversation starters from Ohmy-creative.com is a fun addition to your Thanksgiving Table!

You may not NEED these in your family, however, please give them a second thought.  If you have been following my blog, you saw the Kid’s Gratitude Tree for Thanksgiving.  (If you missed it, here is the link:  Kid’s Gratitude Tree for Thanksgiving from Mimiblog.org) There is great value of anything written by family members over the years.  If you are diligent at saving items, these handwritten gems can become great mementos over the years!

Traditions are so important!  Everyone looks forward to those “special” Thanksgiving recipes each year.  This year more than ever, we need to add some fun and festive ideas to the remainder of the year.  Keep those old traditions, but why not add a new Thanksgiving tradition into the mix this year!

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  1. Karleigh Latinovich

    I’m going to print a few of these off for our thanksgiving tables, thank you!! ☺️

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