The verdict has not yet been reached, but many statistics are showing Halloween 2020 will still be taking place!  I am hoping that is true.  It may look a little different than the past years, but surveys are showing that a high percentage of people are still planning to celebrate whether it be the traditional trick-or-treating or through new social distancing events.  Not to mention, it is now more socially acceptable than ever to wear a mask!!!  So let’s start planning for Halloween now!!!

I am so excited to announce that I have partnered up with to share the amazing costumes, accessories and decorations they have…many being UNIQUE to their company.  AANNNDDD…..we have coupons!!!  Get Coupon Codes Here!!!👻

I’ve been perusing their site, and I must say I am completely hooked!  We all know I LOVE Halloween, and I am beyond excited about all of their unique products.  Here are pics of some of my favorite costume ideas…

For the Beetlejuice Fans:

If you don’t like to go all out but still want to be festive, go for these cool Beetlejuice sweaters with a couple of props to make your costume complete.  And of course, your pet will want to get in on the fun!

For the Willy Wonka Fans:


Who doesn’t love a cute little oompa loompa or the dreaded feisty blueberry brat from Willy Wonka.  How unique!!!

For Those Who Are Just Looking For a Unique Twist to Some Yearly Favorites:


I’m just loving how these are typical characters that children want to be each year, however, these are a step up from ones we have seen in the past.  These are great for Halloween as well as everyday dress up for the kids!

Everyone has felt the pinch in different ways of 2020, and while  we are all striving to stay safe and healthy, it has been difficult.  Numerous polls have been conducted regarding people’s thoughts on the holiday activities through the end of the year.  There has been an overwhelming response from people saying they are excited about planning for Halloween as an escape from this year’s pandemic.  It is a great way to add some normalcy into these uncertain times.

With that beings said, let’s turn our thoughts to some Halloween fun, if only for a short escape.  I hope you have as much fun as I am having looking through all the original ideas they have available.  While you are there, check out the great decorations too for some new fun ideas!  Use this link to check them out…Order your unique costumes now to be ready for some Halloween fun!

Also, if you are planning for Halloween but trying to spend a little less, check out this link for their discounted items.  Click here for some fun discounted costumes!

Happy Halloween planning to everyone!  👽


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