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The Joy of Reading

Reading is magical.  It sweeps you up and whisks you away to far away places, finds you in the middle of an exciting event, engages you with new lifestyles of people all around the world!  I could go on and on about the wondrous places you find yourself when you throw yourself into a good book.  Introducing young children to this magical wonder is critical in helping  them to understand the joy of reading throughout their life.

Add in the excitement of getting to run out to the mailbox monthly and open it up to find a package just for them…priceless!  We have discovered this great monthly book club, Owl Post Books, that caters to the age of your child.  There are different options available:

  • Book of the Month Club
  • Imagination Box Subscription
  • Young Adult Writer’s Subscription

Book of the Month Club ~

The children receive an age appropriate book each month in a colorful mailer.

Imagination Box Subscription ~

The children receive 3 age appropriate books, a craft/toy in an interactive box.

Young Adult Writer’s Subscription ~

This includes a new young adult book plus writing materials that every modern writer will love.

Why I Chose to Try a Book Box Subscription ~

Addi is off to school this year, so Mimi needed to add some new fun at the house for when Max comes to visit.  He is missing his sister quite a bit and still adjusting to life without his sister for several hours each day.    It is an added bonus that Addi is enjoying Max’s subscription as well so it’s a win-win!  I debated over having it sent to their house or to ours, and the final verdict was mine.  If it happens to come when they are not here, I will put it back in the mailbox when I know they are coming.

The books Max received were very interactive with touch and feel pages throughout them.  Of course, I believe when reading with a child you should have them point out their favorite characters as you go or I might ask them what they would do in a particular situation.  This definitely engages the child more and helps them to better realize the joy of reading.

The craft was saved for later to complete with both of the children.  They had so much fun working together punching out the shapes and attaching them to the foam cutout.  They truly enjoyed the final outcome of their cute little hedgehog.


Box subscriptions have become so popular these days.  You can select from beauty and grooming, clothing, pet products, food and entertainment.  There are so many advantages to this new trend from custom picked or age appropriate items, convenience, and many times at a great savings.

Have you tried any type of subscription box over the last year?  I have done one for my pets…are you surprised?  I will admit that I truly loved doing this for them.  The excitement they showed with each delivery was as fun for me as it was for them.  Not to mention that the treats are so unique and healthy and the toys are so different from the ones you purchase in stores.  The downside to that is that they thought EVERY box that got delivered was their special box.  I had to curb my Amazon purchases to save them from anxiety issues.😂

This subscription to Owl Post Books is my second box subscription experience.  So far I LOVE it as do the kids!   I definitely believe it adds to the joy of reading for them.  I would love to hear about your experience with box subscriptions.  Use the coupon code THANKS20 for 20% off!

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  1. Stephanie Lemke

    I will be trying it!! I did several boxes from Lovevery for my granddaughter- age appropriate, interactive, Montessori-based toys. Super cool & Charlotte loves them!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Great! I think she will love this as well. I need to update my post as I forgot to put this code in THANKS20 for 20% off. Let me know if you have any problems with using it!

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