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Flank Steak With Pappy on the Penarve

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The time is here folks!!!  Pappy on the Penarve, with his AMAZING grilling tips and techniques, will be rolling out new recipes on the reg. (lol, do you like my attempt at sound young and hip??  🤣)  We are starting out with a recipe that Pappy has become very famous for among our family and friends.  So read on for this awesome recipe for Flank Steak with Pappy on the Penarve.

Ok, you may be asking, “What is Pappy on the Penarve?”  Well, Brad has very happily been called Pappy for seven years now….a name he loves.  A name not only his grandchildren, but the rest of the family as well now call him.  As far as Penarve….well, Brad added a section on to his deck a few years back.  It houses all of his grills (he’s a tad obsessed!), and only those of the male gender are allowed on it (insert eye roll here 😂).  We decided it needed it’s own unique name, and our friend Kelly W. came up with the best and most creative name and it stuck!

The fun thing about Flank Steak with Pappy on the Penarve, is you will see different variations of fillings to meet everyone’s palette.  Now, on to that phenomenol recipe!


When you purchase your flank steak, ask the butcher to run it through the tenderizer three times.  Yes, I said THREE times.   You can take it home and complete the grueling task of tenderizing it yourself, but why would you do that when this is much easier!

Next you will start seasoning.  I will say that Pappy does not measure so you will need to look at the pictures provided to get an idea of seasoning amounts, and of course, adjust it to your liking.  This, however, leads me to…


Flank Steak Option #1 with Tomatoes and Garlic

Start with pepper.  Look closely at the picture below to notice he ensures the whole chunk of meat is covered.

Next, add garlic.  Notice that he seasons heavily.  We many times talk to people who say they don’t like to use a ton of seasoning.  The interesting thing is that everyone always LOVES Pappy’s grilling….so you be the judge!

Then he adds a can of Petite Diced Tomatoes with Green Chilies or Rotel, spreading it all over the flank steak, but leaving a small border around all sides so it stays intact when you roll the meat up.  *Update ~ we have regularly started adding cheese to this recipe as well.  We lean toward white cheeses such as provolone, mozzarella or gruyere!

Once you have added these three ingredients, you are ready to prep it for grilling.  Gently roll the steak, making sure to keep the rotel inside as you roll.

When you are done, you will need twine to tie it off to hold it together while grilling.

We ALWAYS have extra rolls of twine on hand for grilling!

Flank Steak Option #2 With Asparagus, Prosciutto & Blue Cheese

Begin by peppering your flank steak as was done on Option 1.  Once again, don’t be afraid to season.  You will then add prosciutto.  We have tried this with thin slices of prosciutto as well as diced.  Both work great so it is a matter of preference.

Next you will coat with a good layer of blue cheese.

Lastly, you will add trimmed asparagus stalks on top of the pepper, prosciutto, and blue cheese.

Tie it off to secure while grilling as Pappy did in above pictures.  Now, let’s get to grilling!

Grill on medium heat or indirect method for 25 to 35 minutes for medium, warm pink center.  You can wrap with foil at end if you don’t prefer the outer edges cooked as shown in pic below.  However, for this type of meat, we prefer the outer edges to be charred a bit for a slight crunchy flavor to go along with the tender inner portion.  This is obviously a personal preference!

Let the meat rest about 10 minutes before slicing to get the lovely pinwheel portions.


Serving Options ~

There are obviously a multitude of serving options available these days.  We have a variety of serving trays that are used at our house, from simple to more beautiful.  Shared below are some fun ideas:

Prep Trays ~

I share these trays in many of my posts.  While not necessarily a “pretty” serving tray, they are dual purpose.  Specifically colored red and black, red for raw meat and black for fully cooked meat.  When we are not entertaining, the black one is our serving tray.  **If you are stuck on a gift idea for the griller in your family, THIS is the gift.  All of our family members love these!

Wood Serving Platter ~

You can’t go wrong with a cutting board/serving tray that has deep grooves in it.  These grooves catch all of these juices, preventing messes on your dinner table!

Melamine Serving Platter ~

This by far is the type of platter we use when serving small groups.  There are so many beautiful options, the price is easy on the pocketbook and they make for very easy cleanup.

We have tried some different variations of the flank steakas well, but at the moment, these tend to be our family favorites.  Try these, you will LOVE them and then use your imagination to create your own family variations.  Come back and share your ideas!

Happy Grilling!

Mimi (& Pappy)



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    Thanks for recipes

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    This looks wonderful and I am excited to try this with my family soon! I love seeing all the recipes you post!

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    I love both variations! And the step by step photos are so helpful!

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    This is an unusual recipe and a great way to eat a low cost steak! And it sounds so good!

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