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Day: June 5, 2020

Alien Fun


Alien food 2

Getting the kids to eat is sometimes tough, and while all kids need to learn that not every day is a party, it certainly makes for great memories if you step up the presentation once in awhile.  You can even do a whole themed day.

Breakfast:  Alien pancakes.  Add a little food color to the pancake mix.  Shape them like alien heads and add chocolate chips for face.

Alien food

For lunch:  Spaceships and rocket drinks!

alien houses

Take the kids outside afterwards with spaceships made from umbrellas!


Rainy Day Crafts

Stuck inside?  Here’s a fun craft to do with the kiddos.

Items Needed:

Roll of Butcher Paper

Marker (for outlining child’s body)

Markers or Crayons for the kids to color after you have traced them.  Remind them they can make themselves whoever they want to be.  It is fun to see what they have in mind for themselves.

You can also provide extra items such as jewels, pipe cleaners, fuzz balls, googly eyes, etc. for them to glue on.

Tape …Hang that work of art up for all to see!


Gardening Fun

Gardening with kids is a great way to cultivate the love of science and nature.  Let them get involved!  Whether you get a small gardening kit or allow them to have a small patch of your garden to be in charge of, you will be amazed how they take interest in it!  Add this to your summer list this year!

  • Let them help choose plants or flowers to grow.
  • Guide them to plants that will provide different colors.
  • Help them to understands that certain plants will attract specific insects such as butterflies or bumblebees.
  • Create a schedule for watering, feeding and the growth process.
  • Let them add a bird feeder or toad house in their garden so they can see how they are helping nature.


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