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Wildlife Feeders

Anyone who knows Mimi knows my love for all animals.  This is something our daughter is instilling in her kids as well.  I truly believe children who are taught to love and care for animals carry that on into how they act with their friends.

This fun little craft requires only 2 items:  pipe cleaners and cheerios.  What a fun activity that benefits wildlife.


Start out by making a loop at the end of your pipe cleaner.  Addi & Max had fun trying to slide the cheerios that were stuck together in different formations onto the pipe cleaners without breaking them.  Addi also used her creative side and decided to start forming the pipe cleaners in different shapes.

Once we had several done we went out to hang them.  It’s best to hang them on branches that have others close by for birds (or other wildlife) to munch on more easily.


Now we get to sit and anxiously wait for those birds to find them and start feasting!

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  1. Bethann

    This is a great activity 😃

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