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Let’s Dance!

Dance:  the movement of the body in a rhythmic way, usually to music and within a given space, for the purpose of expressing an idea or emotion, releasing energy, or simply taking delight in the movement itself.

How long has it been since you danced?  Really danced–letting go of all stress and just taking delight in the movement itself?  For Brad and I as a couple it has been a while.  We used to love dancing!  We would go every single weekend when we were dating.  When I sit and reminisce about those days I am filled with pure joy!  So why did we stop?  Life got in the way I suppose.

Enter Addi & Max….they have brought that fun back into our lives!  Every time we have an overnight–after dinner is done, one of the kids yells “Alexa, play <insert their favorite song of the moment>, and we all dance around the kitchen like crazy.  Thus the sign that is now a focal point in our kitchen.  We play new music that they are obsessed with and then we play old music that Brad and I are obsessed with…and we abandon all cares and just have FUN!





When the evening is over and jammies are put on and teeth are brushed, we snuggle in with movies.  Only to wake up and…..DANCE AGAIN!  Isn’t it amazing that with all the toys and gadgets out there, that you can have so much fun just dancing.


It is a must that all members of the family join in on this family fun!  Afterall, this is a great activity that is sure to bring smiles but also is a great form of keeping active with the whole family.  More fun can be added in with the addition of this awesome game…. Check out this entertaining family dance game!  This will be sure to have the kid’s often saying, “let’s dance!”

I ask again, how long has it been since you danced?

I Spy – Dig In

I Spy Dig In, The Great Game of Frantic Finding, Fast Paced Color & Shape Identification Game For Kids

Man, was I excited when I came across this awesome game!!!  Are your kiddos fans of  I Spy?  Our family loves everything I Spy!

What I have discovered is so great about this game is that you can alter the rules for all age groups.  My 2 grandchildren’s ages are quite a challenge when trying to find something that both kids will enjoy.  We have come up with many different versions of rules to make everyone happy.  You can play with or without the timer, depending on the ages.

However, the game cards included do come with different playing levels as well.  If I am honest, I must say I have yet to conquer the challenging side of the cards within the allotted time….so this game should last us awhile!

Click on the green link above to go straight to Amazon and order yours today….you will NOT regret adding this one to your game closet.

Update – December 18, 2020

While we continue to have so much fun with the I Spy Dig In game, we have since discovered I Spy Eagle Eye.  Check out the I Spy Eagle Eye game here!!!  In this fast paced game, you race to be the first one to find all of the items on your card and ring the bell to share your victory!  Just like the I Spy Dig In game, this can also be played with different ages which is a huge plus in my book.

There are so many references to how I Spy type games can boost both memory and visual learning in kids.  One such article is from Scholastic, which I am sure we all agree is a leading source in learning.  Read more about the I Spy Book benefits as cited by Scholastic.  This is a great read about why I Spy books and games are so beneficial for your kids.  Even better is that teachers agree!!!

Any time you can pair learning with fun it is a win-win!  In fact, I enjoy sometimes just sitting back and watching the gears turning in their heads as they are making decisions and manipulating the game boards.  Not to mention the big smiles on their faces when they complete their task!

I Spy Printables ~

This is another excellent way to bring more search & find fun to your kids.  You can find so many fun options on Pinterest, like the ones I discovered here by “And Next Comes L.”  They offer you over 100 pages of I spy printables with an array of different fun themes.   Loads of free I Spy printables by And Next Comes L.  As they suggest in their article, these come in handy for different times, such as while you are preparing dinner or when you need quiet time.

You can also get creative and make your own as I did here ➡➡Scroll down here for a fun shark I Spy!  It is just so worthwhile to find as many I Spy sources as possible for continued learning and fun!  As stated earlier in this post, we have always been big fans of search and find games and books.  While I still believe I Spy Dig In is a must have, it is also worthwhile to check out all of the other options out there as well!

Keep Searching…and keep having fun!





Staple Item for your Closet

Every woman should have a crisp, white button down shirt.  It is a perfect staple item that goes with everything…and they never go out of style!

  • Going out for the night….a smart pair of slacks or skirt paired with your white shirt pulls together quickly for a night out with hubby or friends.  Don’t forget to add some fun jewelry to complete the look.
  • Hosting a small dinner party with friends…denim and your white shirt looks casual yet still classy.
  • Going to a business meeting….pant suit and that white shirt shows easy confidence.
  • Hanging out at the pool…an oversized white button down throws on easily over your bathing suit yet still looks chic.
  • Spending a fun day with your grandkids ….DON’T WEAR THAT WHITE SHIRT….too many opportunities for stains when you are hugging and playing with those precious beings!


Where the Crawdads Sing-A Book Review

This book has been on many book club lists so I, of course, had to check it out.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book!  Upon starting, I had to stop and research the author, Delia Owens, wondering why I haven’t read her work before.  I discovered that she has been published before this work of art, but the earlier works were memoirs of her life as a wildlife scientist in Africa.

The first pages took me in with the descriptive style of her writing.  I immediately looked forward to understanding life in the marsh….and I could completely visualize it as she described it in detail.  As I ventured through the chapters, I felt love, pain, sadness and happiness.  I marveled at how this young girl grew into a strong and kind woman.  She faced many hardships, yet remained a very caring person to the wildlife around her.

Different characters are woven in that leave you considering each one as the possible murderer of the handsome Chase Andrews.  I must admit that I didn’t have it figured out until the ending!

Let me know if you figured it out before you got to the end!

Snack Mix for Little Hands

The minute the grandkids walk into our house, we hear, “Hi Mimi and Pappy!”  If we are lucky we get a kiss and a hug and then the next phrase that comes out (usually from Max) is, “Mims, I want a snack!”  I always keep a snack bowl full of fun snacks…some healthy and some not so healthy.  However, when the kids are coming over to spend the day, you have to step it up a notch and make special treats.  We like to bake together, but today was hot and sunny, so yes, it’s time to spend some quality time outside…POOL DAY!  So we need an easy snack that we can set outside and reach for whenever that hunger pang strikes.

This is such a quick and easy way to satisfy those little snackers.  Sneak in a few “healthy” items, add some salty and sweet, put them in a pretty bowl and voila….you have some smiles on your grandkid’s faces (and you don’t have to keep running indoors for something different because there are so many options for their little hands to choose from.)


I am completely sure that what I am about to say will not resonate with everyone.  In today’s times, youth is key.  However, while I agree that we should all take care of ourselves mentally and physically, I also believe we should accept ourselves in our own skin.  Our lines on our faces are from laughing and crying….from living a wonderful life full of ups and downs.  Embrace that!

That being said, I also do love to try many products that help me to take the best care possible of my skin.  I enjoy a good face mask.  My latest “fix” is face sheet masks with turmeric.  Turmeric comes from the ginger family.  It has anti-inflammatory properties that helps brighten your overall complexion, along with lightening dark spots.  This will contribute to your natural glow!

Alien Fun


Alien food 2

Getting the kids to eat is sometimes tough, and while all kids need to learn that not every day is a party, it certainly makes for great memories if you step up the presentation once in awhile.  You can even do a whole themed day.

Breakfast:  Alien pancakes.  Add a little food color to the pancake mix.  Shape them like alien heads and add chocolate chips for face.

Alien food

For lunch:  Spaceships and rocket drinks!

alien houses

Take the kids outside afterwards with spaceships made from umbrellas!


Rainy Day Crafts

Stuck inside?  Here’s a fun craft to do with the kiddos.

Items Needed:

Roll of Butcher Paper

Marker (for outlining child’s body)

Markers or Crayons for the kids to color after you have traced them.  Remind them they can make themselves whoever they want to be.  It is fun to see what they have in mind for themselves.

You can also provide extra items such as jewels, pipe cleaners, fuzz balls, googly eyes, etc. for them to glue on.

Tape …Hang that work of art up for all to see!


Gardening Fun

Gardening with kids is a great way to cultivate the love of science and nature.  Let them get involved!  Whether you get a small gardening kit or allow them to have a small patch of your garden to be in charge of, you will be amazed how they take interest in it!  Add this to your summer list this year!

  • Let them help choose plants or flowers to grow.
  • Guide them to plants that will provide different colors.
  • Help them to understands that certain plants will attract specific insects such as butterflies or bumblebees.
  • Create a schedule for watering, feeding and the growth process.
  • Let them add a bird feeder or toad house in their garden so they can see how they are helping nature.


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