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You’ve Been Socked – A Christmas Game

The Halloween shenanigans have been put away for another year…now let’s start spreading some Christmas cheer!  Have you been socked?  If you haven’t, it’s time to start a new family neighborhood tradition.  Let’s do some ding dong ditching…”Christmas Style!”  Read on for directions and free printables for this festive activity of You’ve Been Socked – A Christmas Game!

Get the whole family involved ~

I am all about family fun and creating memories!  This game delivers all of that!   You should start this activity out by letting the family decide who you are going to “sock.”  Typically each family will “hit” one or two homes.  Also, as the kids get a bit older, you may discover that they might want to “sock” their school friends.  Taking it to other neighborhoods just spreads the fun!

Whether you are going by foot or vehicle, you need to plan your escape route next.  Have you participated in ding dong ditching?  The idea is to go up, ring the doorbell and run without getting caught.  The catch to “You’ve Been Socked” is you are also leaving a fun treat before you run.   I wrote about the Halloween version of this in October.  Read the Halloween version called You’ve Been Booed!  We found ourselves rolling (literally) with laughter as we played You’ve Been Booed.

Over the years, you will find that there is much more to this than just spreading holiday cheer.  The memories you create will be relived over and over.  The kids also get the biggest kick out of trying to find out who “socked” them.

Get those stockings filled ~

The family togetherness continues as you head to the store(s) of your choosing to get the goodies.  Choose the stockings you would like to fill.  These can be whatever size you desire.  Select items that are age appropriate for the family you are socking.  Some fun ideas are listed below:

  • Christmas candy
  • Small toys
  • Homemade goodies
  • Small games
  • Holiday puzzles
  • Personal sized snacks
  • Stickers
  • Candles
  • Festive books
  • Lottery tickets
  • Seasonal socks

More Ideas from Unique Sources ~

6 Pack of Dr. Seuss Grinch Socks for the whole family! ~ Stuff some small socks inside the sock….genius!  These cute no show socks are from Fun.com.

Unique Christmas Story stickers from Paper House!  Who doesn’t love A Christmas Story?  These fun stickers are sure to be a big hit when they are discovered in the fun stocking left at their door!

These puffy Christmas face stickers will be a hit with the littles!  Another fun option from Paper House…some sticker entertainment for the littles you are sending the stocking to…so cute!

A Mini Harry Potter puzzle will fit nicely into the stocking!  What a cute idea for a stocking stuffer!  There are several mini puzzle ideas from Paper House you need to check out!

Snowman Soup is a cute item the whole family can enjoy!  It’s hard to find small gifts that anyone in the family can enjoy…so here you go!  These Snowman Soup packets by SandTFavorsandmore are just the perfect item to stuff in that stocking!

These are just some more fun ideas that you won’t find when shopping!  So use the list above of ideas or check out some of these unqiue finds…either way you will have fun filling that stocking for this You’ve Been Socked Christmas game!

Final preparations ~

After you and your elves have filled the stockings, it’s time to complete the final steps.  Make a copy of “You’ve Been Socked” to include with the stocking.  You can attach it to the stocking or roll it up and put it inside.  Also include a copy of “We’ve Been Socked” for your recipients to display in their window.  The idea is that each house only get “socked” once!

You’ve Been Socked – A Christmas Game ~

NOW IT IS TIME FOR THE FUN!!!  Put those running shoes on…seriously!  This is important!  You don’t need to be dressed fancy when you are playing a good game of “You’ve Been Socked!”  Go over your strategy again with the whole family.  It truly brings extra fun by listening to your kids discuss their game plan.  Once you have agreed upon your escape route, gather your stockings and go deliver your goodies…WITHOUT GETTING CAUGHT!

It’s important to decide on a meeting place after you have rung the doorbell and dropped the goodies.  Everyone starts getting giddy and they will end up running all different directions.  The hope is that whichever way they go, you all end up at the meeting point. This is part of the fun as you reminisce later over what actions each of you took.

Free Printables for You’ve Been Socked ~

Use the link I have provided below to get the 2 pages needed for this game.   Hover over the pages and then click.  That will take you to the printable version.  Print as many as you need:

You’ve Been Socked & We’ve Been Socked Printables

Other Ding Dong Ditch Holiday Games ~

There are other versions of this game as well.  One that is especially cute is You’ve Been Elfed.  I have looked at several versions and really love the one by Craft.Create.Cook.  She includes printables for Elf Boot Bags to print as well as the We’ve Been Elfed papers.  Definitely another fun version of this very fun holiday activity.  The link for this version is included here ➡➡ You’ve Been Elfed by CraftCreateCook.com.

A second option is You’ve Been Jingled.  It’s Written on The Wall has provided a wonderful plan for this version of the game.  Be sure to check out her ideas as well here ➡➡ You’ve Been Jingled by Itswrittenonthewalls.blogspot.com.

Suffice it to say, there are MANY options out there.  I chose the sock version as it is easy to purchase a stocking.  Besides, I like the saying “You’ve Been Socked!”  However, the versatility and craftiness of all of the games are wonderful.  Regardless of the one you choose, just get out there and spread some holiday cheer!




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  1. learnervegan

    Oooh so much fun, I must get this sorted! How lovely.

    • Shelly Latinovich

      It truly is so much fun! Let me know if you give it a try!

  2. inspirationisawoman

    Wonderful playing idea! I wish there was no coronovirus to play…. I’m going to play it for sure next year! Could you imagine also leaving something on a pure family’s door and just run? Imagine the surprising feelings on those kids eyes! Thank you so much for sharing this idea!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      I am so happy to hear you loved the idea! I hope you do play it next year (darn coronavirus!) Happy holidays to you!

  3. Jeannie

    love the put your running shoes on! this is such a cute family game. I‘ll share this to my brother for their family fun activity.

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Lol…definitely need the running shoes!

  4. Nathalia Basso

    How fun! I don’t think I ever played christmas games as a child.

    Nathalia | NathaliaFit – Fitness & Wellness Blog

    • Shelly Latinovich

      It truly is so much fun! You should try it!

  5. Dana Vitolo

    “You’ve been socked” looks like such a fun family tradition! I love all of the ideas and games that you offer here!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      We have had so much fun with this Christmas tradition over the years! It’s fun for the giver and the receiver!

  6. Emily

    I love this idea!! I am definitely doing this as soon as Thanksgiving is over

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thanks Emily! I really hope you try it this Christmas! A very fun tradition for all!

  7. lindseydelossantos

    This sounds so fun! I am excited to try this. Thank you for sharing!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Great! I would love to hear how this Christmas fun goes for you!

  8. Cindy

    What a joyful way to experience the holidays! Every family can use some more fun!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Awww! Thanks! It really is a Christmas game that brings much joy to all!

  9. Katie-Two Hands DIY

    This is a fun game! I played this in my office a couple years back (pre-COVID). Thanks for sharing!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Oh, how fun to do it in the workplace. What a great idea!

  10. anatureescape

    Awww this is a sweet idea! I love traditions that keep the joy of Christmas alive.

    • Shelly Latinovich

      I couldn’t agree more….it is so fun to find different ideas to keep the joy of Christmas alive. Thanks for reading!

  11. Debbie

    You have such fun and unique ideas. Love all of them! This is so cute! Thanks for getting me into the holiday spirit!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Awww thanks so much Debbie! I do like to have fun….and enjoy doing holiday things with friends and family! Glad you are in the holiday spirit! 😉

  12. Sherry

    This is a great idea!! Thank you for sharing ☺️ X

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thanks Sherry….it is indeed a fun Christmas tradition with friends and family!

  13. Karen Kasberg

    What a fun activity for kids and adults!! Very creative!!

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Yes! I agree Karen! It is a fun holiday activity that is enjoyed by BOTH kids and adults!

  14. tiannas kitchen

    Such a fun idea, I’ve been thinking since my kids are teens and young adults Christmas games would be fun.

    • Shelly Latinovich

      Thanks Tianna! I can tell you that the teens get into this game a lot! It’s truly so much fun!

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